Binge-Worthy TV Shows to Watch this Holiday Season

 Holidays are a great time for fun, relaxation, sending and receiving presents and of course, spending quality time with the family.  Everyone is up for playing indoor games, gossip sessions, and binge-watching movies and TV shows. But deciding what to watch could be a very hectic task.

Every person in the family has a different taste and preference when it comes to watching TV together. A simple and budget-friendly solution to this problem is signing up for a TV package that offers a wide range of channels so you never run out of options to watch. For that, you can check out Spectrum TV Select that offers 125+ channels and thousands of on-demand titles so you and your family could pick and watch whatever you like.

Here are a few binge-worthy TV-shows suggestions from our side for you to watch over this holiday season:

Ted Lasso

If you’re looking for a new comforting and entertaining show to binge with your family then there is no better option than Ted Lasso to watch. It gave people a new perspective and offered a wholesome tone which they seriously needed as a break from the pandemic surrounding the world.

The show revolves around a football coach who takes a job as Premier League team coach and how he offers decency and compassion, even in the times when he’s insulted and abused. The show is mainly comedy-drama but knows exactly when to get dark enough to get the audience in the feels.

There are 2 seasons in total so far with 22 episodes combined. It has gathered appreciation from all around the world and received nominations and awards for every particular thing from performances to writing and uplifting tone.

Grey’s Anatomy

You must be thinking that Grey’s Anatomy has been around for years now so why have we put it on our must-watch list? Well, the truth is that it has become more of a guilty pleasure for all of us. The show currently has 17th season being aired at it still remains our binge-watching comfort show on days where we don’t feel like watching something else.

Grey’s Anatomy got even more popular among the audience during the pandemic when they continued spreading awareness about getting vaccinated. It’s informative yet keep a nice balance between doctors’ personal and professional life. It gets bonus points for some of the best soundtracks you get to hear in this show.

Top of the Lake

If you’re into mystery drama then this show is definitely the one for you. The show comprises 2 series so far;the first series follows a detective obsessively investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl in New Zealand where she finds herself up against unfolding small-town secrets.

The second series revolves around the same detective, Robin Griffin investigating the death of an unidentified girl whose body they found at a beach. Top of the Lake left some lasting impressions on the audience with their powerful performance. The show is a perfect mixture of suspense, crime, mystery, and edgy content.

The Good Place

What would a person who has led a ‘not so good’ life on earth accidentally find themself in heaven, do? Well, that’s exactly what this show is about when one of the lead characters Eleanor found herself in heaven by mistake. Her transformation from being insensitive to a thoughtful and considerate person will have you in fits. The show follows the struggles of four people who happen to be frenemies, in the afterlife to become better and more deserving and know what it means to be good.

This show is funny yet philosophical at the same time. It’s a light breezy show to watch that will make you laugh, cry and even think down about how you’re spending your life and what can you do to make yourself a better person so that you can genuinely deserve to get into ‘The Good Place’.

The Crown

The Crown is hands down the best TV show of all time and we do not regret saying that. The show beautifully depicts Queen Elizabeth II’s reign since the time she was crowned. It goes on through the 21st century. It shows the struggles, lavish lifestyles, tough balance between politics and personal lives of some of the most privileged royals on the planet.

Every single thing from action to the direction to the characterization of each member of the royal family, this show is a piece of art to watch. Currently, The Crown has 4 seasons, each season consists of 10 episodes which mean you get to have 40 episodes to watch over the holiday season. Isn’t that binge-worthy enough?

Wrapping it up

The holiday season is the best time of the year for you to begin watching a long show that you could watch for hours with your partner, friends, or family. Some of the above-mentioned shows will get you into the holiday spirits while some disconnect you from them if you feel a little exhausted already. Either way, you’ll be entertained. We have tried to put some of the most entertaining and heartwarming shows on our list so get started with these mood boosters today and thank us later!

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