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Lima Memorial Health System

September 9 — Miranda and Cody Cobb, Spencerville, twin boys. Maranda and Eric Hirschberger, Waynesfield, Boys. Stacy and Austin Mast, Cridersville, Boys. Victoria and Jacob Otto, Columbus Grove, boy.

September 10 — Chelsea Moser and Jo Jones, Lima, boy.

September 11 — Madison Burns and Philip Steele, Kenton, a girl.

September 17 — Mattie Austin and Edward Cameron, Lima, Girl.

Mercy Health-Centritas Medical Center

September 10 — Kaitlin Cox, Harrod, girl. Bailey Daniphone and Cameron Peterson, Elida, Girl. Maggie and Kyle Harmon, Elida, a girl. Rear spec and Corey body maker, Lima, boy. Mashala Survilla and Nick Hernandez, Lima, boys. Brittany Thompson and Scott Willeque, Lima, boy. Janel Thompson and Richard Newman, Lima, Girl. Britney and Mark Swibel, Bluffton, boys.

September 11 — Alexandra and Troy Stephenson, Ottawa, a girl.

September 14 — Amanda and Bodaft, Ada, Girls. Kayla and Joel Gosard, Harrod, boy. Christina and Matthew Lanout, Ada, Girl. Caitlin and Cameron Perry, Waynesfield, boys.

September 15 — Kimberley and Joshua Foster, Columbus Grove, boy. Angela and Justin Henning, Lima, Girl. Tiffany and Jason Horror, Elida, Girl. Angela and Matthew Schnipke, Fort Jennings, boy. Heather Strouzer and Jacob Wagner, New Breman, Boy.

September 16 — Ashley and Kyleball, Lima, boy. Kenji Garcia, Leipsic, Girl; Christine and Dylan Inman, Lima, Boy. Taylor and Britton Kocher, Lima, a girl. Kayla and Jackson Waterman, Wapaconeta, boy.

September 17 — Courtney and Logan Harris, Lima, boy. Alison and Garrett Rayman, Cloverdale, boy. Amber and Kalebuyal, Spencerville, girls.

September 19 — Britney and Anthony Gedea, Lima, Girl.

Birth-Lima News

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