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Bishop Painesville of Haiti reacts to kidnapped missionaries

“The kidnapped people want them to know that we will never forget you. We are talking for you.”

Painesville, Ohio — US officials confirmed Monday that they are working with Haiti leaders to release 17 members of a group of missionaries based in northeastern Ohio. Kidnapped last weekend In the Caribbean country.

“Safe and healthy, that’s my prayer,” says Bishop Gerald Milbel, leader of the Miracle Revival Ministry Assembly of God in Painesville.

Sitting more than 1,500 miles away, Milbell can only pray.

“They went there to build an orphanage for their children. It’s intolerable for them to do that,” says Milbel.

Milbel is the voice of Haitians in northeastern Ohio, but is far more involved with missionaries through more than just prayer.

“I’m a missionary product,” Milbel tells 3News.

Milbel grew up in Haiti and spent time as a missionary with his mother. Mrs. Jacqueline Milbel, Milbel’s wife and assistant minister, devoted herself to all missionary trips to Milbel’s homeland.

“We went there a lot for missionary trips,” says Jacqueline.

“I went to Haiti 13 times as a missionary,” Milbel adds.

Twelve adults and five children (including two years old) were kidnapped on Saturday while visiting an orphanage east of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Missionaries are affiliated with a Christian Aid ministry based in Holmes County, in the heart of the Amish country of Ohio.

No one in the province location talked about the situation on Monday. The ministry provides daily updates left in voicemail.

“Haiti and US civilian authorities are aware of what happened and are providing assistance. We continue to monitor the situation and pray seriously,” the voice message partially reads. is.

According to officials, this group was kidnapped in Port-au-Prince and was not the first religious group to be captured by a Haitian gang.

“They feel that these organizations have the money and money they can get right away,” says Jacqueline.

“It’s just a matter of time [the authorities] To get to where they are, “Milbel adds.

When asked to speak directly with the missionaries, Milbel sent a message of courage and determination.

“Don’t give up. It looks bad now, but don’t give up,” said Jacqueline.

“The kidnapped people want them to know that we will never forget you. We are talking for you,” Milbell said.

Milbell’s message included his plan to start a coalition to talk to Haitian leaders to deal with the violence caused by the gang, but before the negotiations took place, the missionaries He said he had to be released soon.

Governor Mike DeWine He announced on Monday that he had something to do with Haiti. The school there is dedicated to commemorating her daughter Becky Dewin. The governor said he could not comment on the abduction, but he knows that many Ohio people are always providing help to Haiti.

Mark Naymik of 3News contributed to this story. You can see his report below.

Bishop Painesville of Haiti reacts to kidnapped missionaries

Source link Bishop Painesville of Haiti reacts to kidnapped missionaries

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