Blessed with more than 73 years of friendship

How many people have been friends for over 73 years? Not too many, I’m sure.

Judy and I have.

We first met here in the nursery of the first church of Christ, a scientist here in Lima. Both of our families are Christian scientists. Judy is Judy Tomlinson and my name is Sharon Reynolds.

Judy lived in Spencerville Road and attended Shawnee’s school. The house I grew up in was on West Wayne Street, directly opposite Dairy Queen, and went to Lima Junior and Senior High. So we have made the Sparta / Indian school feud occupy our activities during our school year.

I loved spending time at Judy’s house because there are so many squares, trees and grass that I can run around and play with. There was a magnificent willow tree. … We spent a lot of time in a house pretending to be under a branch, tying a soft flowing branch with a hair ribbon, sleeping under a starry sky, and singing to a doll. It was always an adventure just to be at someone’s house, so I enjoyed the night.

Judy’s aunt and uncle owned a downtown Spyker’s restaurant. At the time, the restaurant was on Elizabeth Street, and Judy and I were both to introduce for the first time the wonderful world of cleaning tables, washing pots and pans, peeling apples and potatoes, and feeding others. I spent hours.

After graduating, I went to Columbus for business education at Bliss University, where I met and married Larry Knowlton. Judy stayed in the Lima area and began her career in work. We both sent special fellows to Vietnam and thanked them for their return.

One of the clear memories we shared was Saturday when I returned to Lima. I spent the night with Judy in her apartment on Market Street, spending hours putting on makeup, tinkering with hair, taking glamor photos and sending them to a man in service. What a hell! We weren’t the ladies who spent a lot of time glamorous, but that night was hilarious!

Judy met her love of life, Karl (Skip) Kata, and a widow raising her three daughters. She was selling life insurance when they met and said, “He took me instead of insurance.” They just celebrated their 45th anniversary! They spend a lot of time lately on campers, fishing, golf carts and spending time with their grandchildren.

Judy has worked as a courier for many years, driving this part of Lima and the state. She seems to know everyone everywhere … Whenever we go out for lunch lately, someone greets her.

Years later, with two daughters and three grandchildren, I went home as often as possible to visit my mother and siblings. I worked primarily for lawyers and what I enjoyed … I’m really good at transcription. Then in the late 90’s I divorced and returned home to Lima. Here I have been working for two great psychologists for over a decade.

Judy and I weren’t good at writing letters, but we kept in touch by phone. I haven’t seen many people these days, but you can keep in touch by phone and easily bring out and share your memories. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to remember what we did in the 60’s and 70’s than last week (laughs), but it’s still fun to have friends who can look back and remember our experience. is. share.

Sharon Reynolds, left, Judy Tomlinson.

Blessed with more than 73 years of friendship

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