Blood donation is planned at Columbus Grove

Columbus Grove — 512W in Columbus Grove from noon to 6pm on Friday, January 29th. You have the opportunity to donate blood at St. Anthony in the Parish of Padua on Sycamore Street.

The Red Cross has teamed up with the NFL to call for blood and plasma donations during National Blood Donation Month

Shed blood now and get the chance to win your trip to the Super Bowl LVI

Those recovered from COVID-19 had to tackle convalescent plasma deficiency

Fort Wayne, Indiana (January 5, 2021)-The American Red Cross and the National Football League are working together during National Blood Donation Month in January this year to call on individuals, especially those who have recovered from COVID-19, to donate blood. I will. We support blood donation and efforts to address plasma deficiency during the national convalescent period. Currently, we need more donors to help inpatients.

During this critical time, the Red Cross and the NFL are excited to offer to everyone who comes to donate the opportunity to receive special thanks this month. Those who donate blood or platelets in January of this year will be automatically entered to win two tickets for next year’s Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles. * In addition, the Big Game at Home package is automatically filled in for those who donate from January 1st to 20th to provide a safe and wonderful viewing experience at home. It comes with a 65-inch TV and a $ 500 gift card for dining and fun. ** **

Individuals can get blood to the American Red Cross today by visiting, using the Red Cross blood donation app, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or activating Amazon Alexa’s blood scheduling skills. You can make a plan to offer.

“Blood and plasma donors recovered from COVID-19 may have the power to help critically ill patients who are currently fighting the virus,” said Dr. Erin Goodhue, medical director of the Red Cross’s clinical services. Told. “The distribution of convalescent plasma in hospitals has increased by about 250% since October, so these generous donations are essential to save lives during the winter. This time of year, those in need It’s a difficult time to collect enough blood products for. “

With the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 nationwide, the need for convalescent plasma is also increasing, leading to a shortage of this potentially life-saving blood product. Like “special team” units on the field, COVID-19 survivors have the unique ability to make a breakthrough in the lives of COVID-19 patients. Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19

Antibodies in plasma that may provide the boost needed to defeat the virus in the patient’s immune system.

How the recovery from COVID-19 can help

There are two ways that COVID-19 survivors can help-through convalescent plasma donations or simply by giving whole blood. Plasma from whole blood donations that test positive for COVID-19 antibody may be used to help patients with COVID-19. Health emergencies are not suspended due to holidays, match days, or pandemics. In the United States, blood is needed every two seconds to help patients fight injuries and illnesses.

Safety precautions for blood donation

To protect the health and safety of Red Cross staff and donors, those who feel sick or who appear to be infected with COVID-19 should postpone their donations.

Each Red Cross Blood Drive and Donation Center complies with the highest standards of safety and infection control, with additional precautions such as temperature checks, social distances, donor and staff face coverings, and all attendees. Protects your health. Donors will be asked to make an appointment before arriving at the drive and will be required to wear a face cover or mask while at the drive, following the official guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Blood donation: Noon to 6 pm, St. Anthony, Parish of Padua, 512 W. Sycamore Street, Columbus Grove.

Blood donation is planned at Columbus Grove

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