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On paper, a bald man painted blue, dressed in black, and looking at life differently doesn’t sound like a recipe for success or a great night’s entertainment.

But that’s what the Blue Man Group has been offering audiences for over 30 years.

Blue Man Group production stage manager Erin Albrecht, who called from Grand Rapids, Michigan, said: “The Blue (man) is not a traditional speaker, but he clearly communicates in a way that has interested the world for 30 years.

“People come here because it fills their hearts, it makes them smile, and it makes the world outside the theater door feel less tragic.”

The latest nationwide tour production of The Blue Man Group kicks off the 2022-23 Broadway in Akron series at Playhouse Square with shows at the EJ Thomas Performing Arts Hall at the University of Akron from October 17-19..

Known for their signature drumming, colorful moments of creativity, and quirky comedy, Blue Man Group performances feature heartbeats, original music, custom-made instruments, astonishing audience interactions, and utterly silly things. included.

In other words, a night out away from the rigors of modern life.

The Blue Man Group’s short history begins over 30 years ago. Beginning as a roving street act in New York City, it later became his Broadway hit off.

From there, the popular production, featuring three mute performers dressed in blue grease paint and black, began a national tour.

Performed by the Blue Man Group. (Lindsay Best)

The Blumen Group’s notion of reacting to current trends, oddly enough, delves to the heart of the show, which offers a satire of modern life.

Specifically, there’s a brain dynamic going on where these weird-looking performers are often looking at each other like the wide-eyed beakers of The Muppets, all staring at themselves. We hold up the mirror of society for

The Blue Man Group find their rhythm during their performance. (Murphy Maid Evan Zimmerman)

When asked to describe the musical genres of the Blue Man Group, Albrecht didn’t have to think twice and went on like Casey Kasem, who introduces long-distance relationships.

“It’s percussion-based and what drives rock and roll and pop,” she said. “Instrumentation drives the musicality and a constant throb of percussion is the theme of everything we do.

“There are no cover songs on this tour. Most of what you can hear was originally written for the Blue Man Group.

“If you’ve seen the show before, you know there’s music that sounds true to your ears as traditionally Blue Man. I have.”

So why has over 50 million viewers been watching Blue Man Group shows since the early ’90s? points out comedy that acts as

“Who wouldn’t want to see Blue Man chewing marshmallows, spitting paint, and painting on canvas?” Albrecht said. “This tour has a lot of brand new surprises, but also traditional pieces that Blueman has been doing all along.

“So fans who come to see our shows will be able to see such tried-and-true moments. ”

blue man group

Presenter: Broadway in Akron.

when: October 17th, 18th and 19th at 7:30pm.

Where: EJ Thomas Hall, 198 Hill Street, Akron.

tickets: $20 to $82.

information: Blue Man Group Brings Its Familiar Shades To Akron – News-Herald

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