Bluffton pulls away from Leipsick

Bluffton — Todd Bob Todd, a longtime Bluffton boys head basketball coach, does not object to the idea of ​​using different styles of play.

With Bluffton’s 61-49 victory at Bluffton’s men’s basketball match at the Northwest Conference on Friday night, Bobrit’s team showed off a number of different styles.

At night, Bluffton made 10 3 points.

Pirates also went in when needed.

Head coach’s son, Trey Boblitt, led Bluffton (10-1, 4-0 NWC) with 18 points, including six 3 points. Teammate Kyler Kinn scored 18 points, mostly inside the paint. Kin also escaped with nine rebounds, three blocks and two steals. Freshman Marek Donaldson scored 11 points, including three 3 points. Trenton Donley added seven points, including a tray of pirates.

“I think I played in different styles this year,” said Bobrit. “So far this season, I’ve been playing fast sometimes …. We’ve also played half-court games from time to time. Tonight, they slowed us down to some extent. But our guys are big. I made a big shot. Taking a shot makes everything else look good. “

Bobrit was particularly pleased with Kin’s performance.

“Kyler is a really tough match,” Bobrit said. “He’s very good at dribbling and can go in and score. He’s really athletic. He gives us an aggressive dimension that we’re really happy with. increase.”

Mason Brandt led Leipsick (7-4, 2-2 NWC) and all scorers with 19 points. Teammate Trent Thief Car has added 10 points to the Vikings.

Bluffton jumped into a 6-0 lead early on, thanks to three consecutive pointers by Donley and Bobrit.

But Leipsick responded.

Brant jump-started the Vikings. The 6’4 inch senior scored the next 7 points, giving the Viking a 7-6 lead. This is a little more than in the middle of the opening quarter.

Bobrit canned two more three pointers in the first quarter to hunt down the pirates. Senior 6-1 had three trays in the first eight minutes of action.

At the first stop, Leipsick was clinging to the 15-14 lead.

“I’m a shooter,” said Trey Boblitt. “I’ve been working on it for years, so it’s natural for me.”

At the beginning of the second quarter, Bluffton claimed the lead and gained a 31-22 advantage in a half-time break.

Bluffton was 12 out of 23 shots from the field in the first half. Livesick was 9 of 24 from the floor.

Bobrit adjusted the pace of the pirates with 12 points on the 4 shots behind the 3-point line. Pirates made six 3 pointers in the first half. Brant led the live sick with 10 points in the first half.

In the second quarter, Bluffton’s defensive pressure caused six live sick turnovers after the Viking flipped only twice in the first stanza.

Bluffton led 43-37 at the end of the third quarter.

In this match, Leipsick shot 41% off the field. Bluffton was connected with 51% of field goal attempts.

Leipsick has turned the ball more than 13 times, and Bluffton has turned the ball more than 12 times.

“I felt I needed to put pressure on others,” said Bobrit. “I knew I wasn’t going to stop Mason (Brand). We wanted to contain him.”

Kaden Lora in Bluffton appears to shoot during a match against Leipsick in Bluffton on Friday night.

Bluffton’s Nate Shaat played against Leipsick Fabian Penha during a match at Bluffton on Friday night.

Pirates rob the 10th victory

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Bluffton pulls away from Leipsick

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