Board of education to meet

MINSTER — The Minster Local Schools Board of Education will meet Minster’s 50 E. Seventh St at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 11th. Meet in a large group meeting room at an elementary school in.


Board of education

Organizational meeting


Meeting: Monday, January 11, 2021

Elementary Large Group Meeting Room-7: 00pm

I. Call for Orders: Connie Mailing, President Protempe

II.Roll Call: Laura Klosterman, Treasurer

III. General business:

1. One year presidential election

2. One-year Vice Presidential Election

3. Oath of office of President and Vice President (then the newly elected President becomes chairman)

4. Set the date and place of the regular meeting (currently at 7 pm on the third Monday of every month, in a large group meeting room at the elementary school)

IV. Appointment to the Committee (Appointed by the Chairman of the Board)

1. Appoint a representative of the district leader team

2. Appoint members to represent the Tri-Star Career Compact Advisory Council

3. Appoint members to represent the Athletic Council

4. Appoint members to represent the recreation committee

5. Appoint members to represent the Levy Committee

6. Appoint a representative of the scholarship fund

7. Appoint a representative of the community fund

8. Appoint a representative of the Community Improvement Committee

V. Consent agenda item

The following items have been identified for approval as part of the Consent Agenda. If a member of the board wants to remove an item from this agenda for further discussion before taking action, please inform the supervisor or the president of the board.

1. Accounting report

a.Allows investment of interim and inactive funds in accounting

b.Allow the accountant to withdraw tax payments in advance

c. Allow accounting to take a short-term loan to pay the current costs. Must be signed by the president or vice president.

d.Allow accounting to pay invoices within budget

e. Allow accounting to make changes within your budget, if necessary.

f.Allow accounting to purchase or renew performance bonds

g.Approves Treasurer to Become Nominee for Boards Certified Public Records Training

2. Supervisor’s report

a.Grant supervisory authority to accept resignation between boards of directors, subject to approval by the board of directors

b.Grant supervisory authority to hire employees between board meetings, subject to approval by the board of directors

c. Empower supervisors to approve employee attendance at meetings


d. Appoint a purchasing agent for 2021 (currently supervisory and accounting)

e.Appointment of an administrative officer who has the authority to submit an application for participation

Federal and state programs (currently supervisors)

f. Accept supervisor registration reports for the purpose of establishing a board service fund (843)

g. Appoint a superintendent of education as the official representative of the Mercer-Auglaize Area Schools Employee Welfare Benefit Trust.

h. Allows the superintendent to hire personnel and / or contract with community members to assist in running sports tournaments at Minster School facilities.

I. We reaffirm that all Board policies in force on the day of this Organizing Meeting remain in full force unless changed by subsequent actions of the Board in accordance with ORC 3301-35-02.

VI.Go to a regular monthly meeting

Minster Regional School Board of Education: 7:00 pm, Large Group Meeting Room at Elementary School, 50 E. Seventh Street, Minster.

Board of education to meet

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