Bon says’don’t forget to pay your property tax by Friday night

LIMA — Time for Allen County Treasury Secretary Crystabon and employees of the County Treasury Secretary’s Office.

Bonn toured the entire county on Thursday and did his best to remind residents that Friday, February 11th was the last day to pay property taxes before the delinquency was assessed. Given the potential for postal delays, she urged those who did not have an invoice to catch someone at the Treasurer’s office (419-223-8515) to take care of it.

“It’s very close — Friday is the due date for real estate and mobile taxes,” Bohn said. “I sent the invoice on January 5th, so anyone who didn’t expect and received the invoice should call my office because we need to assist them and pay an additional fee. You can save them. “

Real estate owners are rented earlier this year and the rest will be paid later this year. Bonn advises families who are financially struggling and unable to pay the full amount to pay as much as possible.

“The delay penalty applies only to the amount not paid by the due date. I always want to tell someone who can’t pay the tax on time, but if there’s a part you can pay, yours A slow penalty does so, so go ahead and pay for it.

Residents who are unable to pay on time and want to arrange a payment plan to avoid the effects of tax collection can do so in about two weeks from the due date.

“If you own a property and don’t have a payment plan, you can always contact my office and help with some payment plans,” Bohn explained.

Bonn told Lima News that as of Wednesday afternoon, about 50 percent of the county’s real estate owners had already paid their invoices. Even more impressive, she shared that only about 7.5% of Allen County residents have ignored the notice for so long that the county had to consider closing the house.

The accounting office is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm and accepts payments directly from Monday to Friday or by calling 866-739-0469.

The county also offers several other options for those who cannot make phone calls or go to the office during normal business hours.

If you mark the envelope by February 11, you can pay by mail without late fees. Tax invoices can also be paid at Superior Credit Union and Union Bank locations, both of which accept payments from the resident if the resident has an invoice. .. Finally, the invoice can be paid online by visiting

Treasury Secretary Crysta Bonn of Allen County sent some reminders on Thursday that property taxes should be paid by the end of the business day on Friday, February 11.

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Bon says’don’t forget to pay your property tax by Friday night

Source link Bon says’don’t forget to pay your property tax by Friday night

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