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Boyfriend proposes after a house fire

Shawn Matthews intended to propose to his girlfriend as he celebrated his first anniversary in his new home. Even a large fire could not change his plan.

Fukivalina, NC — Forget the Emotional Roller Coaster-The day Kelly Stanley and Shawn Matthews got engaged was like an emotional bungee jumping from a 50-story skyscraper.

But when a North Carolina couple began their Saturday night date on September 4, the imminent whirlwind is unknown.

As planned, at around 4:30 pm, they set out for dinner.

Two hours later, Kelly received a notification on her mobile phone that would change the evening course and their lives forever.

The couple’s home security camera showed a person at the front door of Kelly and Sean’s house. It was their neighbor and she looked desperate.

The neighbor told Kelly through the intercom that the back of the house was on fire. Kelly’s heart soon jumped at the older dog Memphis, who was all over the time.

Thankfully, the neighbor was able to use the garage code to get inside and rescue Memphis before the fire spread.

Kelly and Sean soon left the restaurant and ran towards the smoke that had already stretched over the town.

“From there, it was just a mess,” Kelly recalled.

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They were shocked to find their modern white farmhouse in flames that began from an unknown source.

Despite the horrifying scene, they thanked Memphis for being safe and no one was injured.

“Nothing gives you a better view of your life than driving out of the driveway with just your clothes and dog,” Kelly said.

But what Kelly didn’t know was that there was one property in the house that Sean was particularly worried about. He recently bought an engagement ring and was waiting for the right moment to propose to Kelly.

About a year ago, the two bought a new home together, and Sean thought the anniversary seemed like a good time to start living together as an engaged couple. Sean wanted him to be able to get the ring back from the wreckage of the fire.

After the firefighters were able to calm the flames, they allowed the couple to enter the burnt wreckage of their home and look for something to save.

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Thankfully, the ring was intact in the fireproof safe.

When Sean regained his ring, an idea came to him. What if he proposes now? Sure, it was a traumatic day, but highs and lows made him thank him for seven years more than ever.

“I strongly felt that I wanted to leave with her as a fiancé,” he said.

After Kelly’s mom first approved the voluntary decision, he gathered his family before asking questions.

“We’re going to get over this financially or better. This was our home, but we have another home,” he told her.

After overcoming the first shock, Kelly was excited.

“It looked back at the night,” she said.

As they rebuild their lives together, Kelly and Sean are grateful to their friends and family for helping them recover.

Neighbor Amanda Mangam started GoFundMe For couples who have raised over $ 12,000.

But the couple finally said they were most grateful to each other.

“100 percent brought us closer,” Kelly said.

“It’s a cliché to say that things are just things, but that’s the truth honest to God,” Sean said.

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Boyfriend proposes after a house fire

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