Boys basketball: Karida shuts down Leipsick

KALIDA — Kalida starter Ayden Warnecke was out of the lineup and Wildcats were in desperate need of victory after losing two games in a row, so Wildcat head coach Ryan Stechschulte had a big team effort to beat Leipsick with a big puttnam. I knew it was necessary. County League Showdown.

The Wildcat team responded.

Karida defeated Leipsic 54-33 as senior Luke Arhart spearheaded the attack with the game’s best 21 points, Grant Wolst added 18 points and the team made significant defensive efforts, Putnam County. I won a big victory in the league.

“It’s our calling card,” Stechschulte said of defense. “The kids really bought. Each of them. We are proud of our defense.

With the victory, Karida finishes the two-game skid, improving to 13-2 in the season and 2-1 in the league. Leipsick, who won four straight games, fell to 2-1 in PCL, 11-2 a year.

Stechschulte added that the focus was on stopping Mason Brandt and Jaden Siefker, who were limited to a total of 14 points in the first three quarters, even though they each scored 15 points.

“Obviously, we wanted to make the touches and points of the blunt and seafker tough and really work for them. We knew they would get some.”

Regarding the attack, Stechschulte said it was due to tonight’s committee where Warnecke is sitting.

“Aiden plays the whole game for us most nights, but Brandon Miller did a great job of passing the ball tonight. Brandon was great tonight. He had to run points and guard Brandt. He had a full plate tonight because he had to, and it worked very well. “

Leipsick head coach Chris Coolman said it was his team’s fault that he didn’t launch the attack against Wildcat’s rigorous defense.

“I knew the defense was tough and I felt like I had a good game plan. I tinkered with the ball a few times and didn’t take the chance, but I did,” Kuhlman said. It was. “Grant Vorst has arrived. Usually, a bench player hits a few shots and then starts moving while playing with the ball.

“They physically played with two main scorers who do most of the scoring for us every night, and we practice it every night and see it, they do it really well. Did it, and made us worse Don’t make the plays we usually do.

Karida led with a 10-7 lead after the two teams struggled to score points in the first quarter.

It began to change in the second quarter, when Karida continued to hamper the efforts of Leipsick’s attack, and Wildcats weren’t scoring accurately, but were able to open a 25-16 lead in halftime.

The Leipsic attack reached its lowest point in the third quarter after Karida limited the Vikings to 3 points and Elhart, who had been held down to 6 points in the first half, began to live aggressively. Guided by his 9 points, Wildcats beat Leipsick 17-3, taking the lead of 42-18 in the last 8 minutes.

Arhart won 11 rebounds and ended the night with a double-double.

Karida’s Luke Arhart played against Leipsick’s Tray Schroeder during a match at Karida on Saturday night.

Leipsick’s Jaden Smith played against Calida’s Brandon Miller during a match at Calida on Saturday night.

Karida’s Grant Wolst played against Leipsick Paul Marg during a match at Karida on Saturday night.

Leipsic Lorenzo Walther played against Karida’s Luke Arhart during a match at Karida on Saturday night.

Karida’s Drew Fersch played against Leipsick Dylan Nice during a match at Karida on Saturday night.

Elhart scores 21 points in Wildcats

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Boys basketball: Karida shuts down Leipsick

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