Boys’ Basketball: Lima Senior Stops Toledo Central Catholic

Toledo — The Road Warriors.

After hitting Toledo Central Catholic (56-52) in a massive clash at the Three Rivers Athletic Conference on Friday night, Lima Senior, who hasn’t played a home game for more than a month, picked up another game on the street. ..

The victory will improve Lima Sr. to 11-1 in TRAC and 16-2 overall. The Spartans are facing another tough opponent at the Toledo St. John’s Jesuit in another important conference contest today. TCC drops to 16-4 per year and TRAC to 8-4.

Lima Senior’s last home game was January 7, and he happened to beat TCC. And since I participated, Sparta has become 9-1.

“When I was playing with one of the best teams in the state, I knew it would be a run game,” said Quincy Simpson, head coach of Spartan. “I’ve been playing since January 7th, so I challenged everyone and told them to finish, saying this was the last road game. I need a chance to win the meeting completely and not share it. If you come here, you have to come here, play for a team with incredible talent and take it. I thought our guys did that great job. “

Sparta rarely wins by scoring 6 points in the fourth quarter, but Sparta achieved it shortly after building a 15-point advantage, thanks to precise perimeter shooting from Lima Senior. With 5:12 remaining in the third quarter, Lima Senior owned a 45-30 lead.

But soon the three pointers didn’t fall like the first three quarters, and the Irish came back and cut the lead to 50-42 into the last eight minutes. The comeback was led by Mical Thames, who nailed three trays. Thames finished at 16 that night.

In the last eight minutes, Sparta couldn’t find an aggressive rhythm, but defended enough to stay ahead of Ireland, leaving 2:14 to lead 55-52.

There were three turnovers for Limasina and three chances for the Irish to score, but in the last two minutes they misfired with three three pointers and Sparta was able to escape with a victory.

Spartan Come Miles had a hot hand because he finished with the best 25 points in the game and hit five 3 pointers at night. He also scored 5 out of 6 points for the 4th Lima Senior. Khalil Lustre added 11 points.

At night, Limasina connected with 11 3 pointers at night.

“We aren’t taking the best shots overall, but the problem is that these guys come early, stay late, and go on holidays. So these guys are consistent. It turned out to be a problem to start shooting, “Simpson said. “Today’s comemile was a boost. We got on his back and everyone else followed his lead.”

Defensively, Simpson added that Spartan was a good defensive team, but he gave up some opportunities late.

“I really believe there is no team in the state that is practicing hard like us,” Simpson said. “We buy. Men agree, there is no ego. They are actually competing every day and it’s good to see the transition to a real game.”

Lima Sr. La Leon Mayo tries to pass Toledo Central Catholic Mikartems (3) and Sam Lee (40) during a Friday night match in Toledo.

Lima Senior’s Karil Raster will face Toledo Central Catholic Sam Lee during a Friday night match in Toledo.

Spartans maintain road success

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Boys’ Basketball: Lima Senior Stops Toledo Central Catholic

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