Boys Basketball: Spencerville Postpones LCC

Spencerville — Spencerville made a big lead and watched everything disappear except one, but on Friday night the 56-49 men’s basketball won the Lima Central Catholic and defended in the fourth quarter. He fired a sterling free throw shot.

Bearcats (10-1) scored 16 points for Dylan Smith, 15 points for Tyler König and 14 points for Josh Henlein. Billy Burke led the LCC (6-5) with 11 points.

Spencerville jumped to a 7-0 lead in the first two minutes of the game. LCCs reduced their leads to one point in the second half of the first quarter, but Bearcats rose 20-13 after the first eight minutes.

They increased their lead to 16 points 29-13 in the middle of the second quarter before Thunderbird reduced the deficit to 8 points, 31-23 in half-time.

Spencerville shot the ball early on, and the LCC struggled aggressively, turning the ball more than 10 times in the first half.

The LCC led 1 point 48-47 at 2:52 to play in Carson Parker’s basket. But it was as close as Thunderbird got.

All 10 points in Spencerville’s fourth quarter were free throws, and Smith scored seven points.

“It was like the way it worked. We spread it (aggressively) so they polluted us, and they had to. And we got some important stops in one fell swoop, which was important, “said Kevin Sensabo, director of Spencerville.

“Aggressively, we got off to a great start and ended a bit slowly,” he said. “We had a hard time on the free throw line, but we didn’t do it tonight.”

LCCs struggled to get into the attack early on, which was a big part of Bearcats’ early advantage.

“Our team did a great job of recognizing the set and pushing the ball into the overtaking lane,” said Sensabo.

Frank Kill Coach of the LCC said: Spencerville did a good job of planning a defensive game in the first half and driving the shooter out.

“We buried early and reached within one point. When we had the opportunity to gain momentum and missed those opportunities, it was like sucking our lives. There was, but it wasn’t available. “

Evan Evan Roux, 14, of Lima Central Catholicism, tried to steal the ball from Tyler König in Spencerville during a match in Spencerville on Friday night.

Spencerville’s Derankook faced Lima Central Catholic Ethan Frank Hauser during a match in Spencerville on Friday night.

Lima Central Catholic Sesmicsel makes a pass against Cartersadhof in Spencerville during a Friday night match in Spencerville.

Bearcats transform free throws into solid wins

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Boys Basketball: Spencerville Postpones LCC

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