Braden Smith, “Jeopardy!” Five-time champion, dies at age 24

Champion Braden Smith, one of the last contestants to appear on the show before the 5th “Jeopardy!” Alex Trebeck’s He died last year and suddenly died at the age of 24. Announcement on Twitter on Friday..

“Jeopardy!’S family is heartbroken by the tragic loss of Braden Smith. He was kind, entertaining and absolutely wonderful. Our deep condolences are directed to Braden’s family. I miss him, “said Shaw.

his Obituary Read that Smith died in Las Vegas on February 5th. I didn’t say how he passed. Smith continued that he was looking forward to participating in the “Tournament of Champions”.

Smith graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in economics and intended to attend law school to become a federal prosecutor, but the obituary continued. He recently studied criminal justice reform as an intern at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.

“Braden loved classic and less classic films. He may explain the symbolism of Citizen Kane and the timing of the next Dam and Dunbar comedy,” the obituary said. Read. He also played the saxophone and said he enjoyed the music from Duke Ellington to The Beach Boys and Steely Dan.

Braden Smith, “Jeopardy!” Five-time champion, dies at age 24

Source link Braden Smith, “Jeopardy!” Five-time champion, dies at age 24

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