Brady, the best player in the Super Bowl 55 except Mahomes

The Chiefs and Buccaneers have big game changers to watch this weekend.

It’s easy to be in awe to see Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes play quarterbacks, but it’s a remarkable big time as Bucks hosts the Chiefs at the Super Bowl LV this weekend. There is a game changer.

For the Chiefs, it’s a one-two punch from the tight-end Travis Kerke and the wide receiver Tyreek Hill. “Picking up poison” is not an effective strategy to delay this attack, as both Kerke and Hill have exceeded 100 yards in the AFC Championship Game. Kerke was so good this season that he received 1,416 yards and finished second behind Bills’ Stephon Digs. Hill finished 8th in the yard, but was 2nd in the touchdown at 15.

“Travis Kelce sets the pace,” says Ryan Tracy, host of the Lock-on Chiefs Podcast. “He launches an attack and it flows through him.”

Tampa Bay also has great offensive weapons. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin aren’t easy duos to cover, the two have been combined for 1,846 yards this season. However, the difference in Bucs may be on the defensive side of the ball.

Linebacker Devin White is a name we all need to know, but in this fantasy football / red zone world he can be overlooked. Do you remember when Bacchus brought the Washington Football Team, led by Tyler Heinicke, a little closer to the wild card game? White was not in the field that day due to COVID-19 restrictions. Who do you think was there when Bucks faced and defeated Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers? Devin White is the answer, and he may be the answer this Sunday.

“You can have a discussion [the defense] “We are solely responsible for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who won both of these road games,” said David Harrison of the Locked On Bucs podcast. ” He added that the role played by White and Bucks’ entire defense this postseason was a major reason Tom Brady enjoyed playing against Patrick Mahomes this Sunday.

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Brady, the best player in the Super Bowl 55 except Mahomes

Source link Brady, the best player in the Super Bowl 55 except Mahomes

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