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Brian Laundrie died from a suicide bullet, lawyers say

Attorney Stephen Bertolino said the family hopes the update will help bring closures to both families.

Tampa, Florida-Brian Laundrie died of a self-harm gunshot wound, according to a statement by family lawyer Stephen Bertolino. His method of death is considered suicide.

“Chris and Roberta are still mourning the death of their son and hope that these findings will bring closures to both families,” Bertolino added.

Laundries Skeleton remains found It was later identified through a comparison of dental records at the Myakka Hatch Creek Environmental Park in Sarasota County on October 20.However, the result of the first autopsy Was not definitiveAccording to Bertolino, the question about when and how Laundry died could not be answered.

A 23-year-old man was reported missing on September 17, after his parents went hiking on September 13 and said he would never go home.

The laundromat was the only person interested in the murder of his fiancé Gabby Petito.

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Detectives and FBI agents have searched the vast Carlton Reserve for over a month, looking for the only place to see signs of a laundromat.

His parents, Roberta and Chris, helped search the reserve twice with Northport officers each time. In his second attempt on October 20, Laundry’s father found a dry bag and brought it to a police officer. Authorities later say they discovered that the skeleton remained nearby, along with notes and other personal belongings.

The FBI has clearly identified the body of the laundromat the day after October 21st. His notes are now important evidence in his investigation of death.

Brian Laundrie died from a suicide bullet, lawyers say

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