Britain has set out plans to boost global digital trade

London: Improving digital trade will provide great opportunities for UK companies and help boost economic growth, the government’s Trade Commission said, becoming a global leader in modern services and online commodities. I showed how I was aiming for that.

In a report on digital trade released on Friday, the board of trade, led by Trade Minister Anne-Marie Treberian, should help the government conclude a digital trade agreement and help develop world trade rules suitable for the modern world. Said that.

“By tackling digital protectionism on a global stage and defending a free, open and competitive digital economy, more UK companies can export innovative, high-quality services and products globally. It will be like this, “Treberian said in a statement.

In October, the United Kingdom assisted in mediating transactions between groups of seven wealthy countries on the principles of managing cross-border data use and digital transactions as a first step in reducing barriers.

The Board of Trade, a government agency tasked with promoting exports and inward investment, should aim to build a G7 agreement by working with partners to pursue a broader international consensus on digital rules, norms and standards. Said that.

Digital transactions are broadly defined as transactions of goods and services that are digitized or digitally distributed, including activities from the distribution of movies and television to professional services.

The report states that the UK has secured a free trade agreement with the fast-growing Indo-Pacific market and a large service-based economy, as well as the UK’s Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement (CPTPP) on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He said that particular focus should be placed on the rapid progress of accession. ).

He said it is necessary to seek a digital economic agreement with Singapore, which is regarded as the world leader in digital, in order to show the potential of digital trade rules to others in the World Trade Organization.

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Britain has set out plans to boost global digital trade

Source link Britain has set out plans to boost global digital trade

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