Browns hurt in battle with Broncos, QB Baker Mayfield iffy

Baker Mayfield continues to insist that the injured left shoulder is not a problem.

The Browns quarterback plans to play Denver Broncos on Thursday night when he comes to Cleveland for a 3-3 team fight.

Mayfield exacerbated a shoulder lip injury that he didn’t throw on Sunday when Browns lost to Arizona Cardinals 37-14. Due to the short weeks, there is no shortage of observers who say Mayfield might want to heal his shoulders.

But Mayfield revealed on Tuesday that he (and only him) would decide if he was on the field.

“I have to make that decision,” Mayfield said. “Only I know how my body feels. If someone asks if I’m hurt or injured in the team, that’s not right. That’s my decision. Can I play? Can say “

Mayfield was a limited practice participant on Tuesday. He has passed 1,474 yards, 6 touchdowns and 3 passcuts this season.

Even if Mayfield goes out on the field on Thursday, no star will bring Nick Chubb (523 rushyard) or sidekick Kareem Hunt (361) back to the backfield.

Chub will miss two games in a row due to a calf injury. Hunt was put on the injured list on Tuesday, followed by his own calf injury to the Cardinals.

D’Ernest Johnson launches Cleveland running back. The third-year pro has carried three times at 11 yards this season and 40 times at 198 yards in 38 career games.

“It’s the spirit of the next person,” Johnson said. “We just have to get out there and do it. The spirit remains the same and the standard of the room is still high.”

Browns has lost the last two games. Despite NFL sack leader Myles Garrett (8 sack) in defense, Cleveland allowed a total of 84 points in the setback.

Denver dropped three consecutive games, including a 34-24 home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

Broncos also has its own smashed quarterback on Teddy Bridgewater, which deals with foot injuries. Bridgewater said he was stepped on during the match on Sunday.

Bridgewater was actually restricted on Tuesday. Coach Big Fangio feels Wednesday may be the day Bridgewater decides if he’s ready for the match, but he said he wants to play.

“Teddy is a veteran and he’s a good person to talk about his feelings,” Fangio said. “He will give you a frank and honest answer.”

After passing 1,514 yards, 10 touchdowns and 4 intercepts, Bridgewater said injuring in a short week was part of the terrain.

“Like the Cleveland Browns, I’m sure they have a smashed guy and they’re playing in a short week,” Bridgewater said. “We’re banging everyone and playing in a short week. We need to stick mentally and make sure we do our best to carry out the game plan.”

Denver Defense, led by star Von Miller (4.5 sack), was hit another Sunday when linebacker Alexander Johnson (32 tackles) suffered a chest injury at the end of the season. Broncos no longer had two linebackers, Josie Jewel (end-of-season pectoral muscle) and Bradley Chubb (ankle surgery). Chub is on the injured list but will return later in the season.

Broncos is considering whether to activate the wide-out Jerry Judy (ankle) from the IR. He has been sent off since he was injured in the New York Giants in the first week, and Fangio said Judy was less than 50 percent likely to play Thursday.

Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (shoulder) missed Tuesday practice. His position could settle on Wednesday.

Denver has dominated the series with 12 victories in the last 13 meetings, including six consecutive victories in Cleveland.

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Browns hurt in battle with Broncos, QB Baker Mayfield iffy

Source link Browns hurt in battle with Broncos, QB Baker Mayfield iffy

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