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Milwaukee — Janice Adetokumpo finished one of the greatest NBA Finals ever with 50 points, and the championship Milwaukee waited 50 years to win again.

Antetokunpo added 14 rebounds and 5 block shots as Bucks defeated Sands 105-98 to win Series 4-2. This is the third game in the series, scoring at least 40 points and 10 rebounds at Antetokunpo. This is the dominant performance of the debut final, one of the best performances in the game.

He fired a 16-25 shot from the field and made an incredible 17-19 free throw. This is a great show for any shooter, not to mention the sometimes ridiculed shooter, who hit only 55.6% in the postseason.

“People told me I couldn’t do free throws, and I made them tonight, and I’m a weird champion,” said Antetokunpo.

He shook his arm and flew around the court with 20 seconds remaining to encourage fans to cheer, but it wasn’t necessary. Their voice had been booming both inside and outside for hours, waiting 50 years to celebrate the winner after Liu Arsindor before becoming Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Oscar Robertson led Bucks to the championship in 1971.

In the season, played primarily without fans, Bucks packed 65,000 people into the outside Deer district. This was a wild party that was supposed to last until the night in the Midwest. The party wasn’t bad either. Fans “Bucks in 6! For $ 6!” — A hopeful boast by a former player that turned out to be a prophetic rally cry.

After a 2-0 draw, Bucks became the fifth team to win the NBA Finals and the first team to win the next four games since Miami vs. Dallas in 2006.

Chris Paul scored 26 points and finished his first NBA Finals appearance in 16 seasons. Devin Booker added 19 points, but missed all seven three points after shooting 22-8 and scoring 40 points in each of the last two games.

“At the end of the season, there’s just pain,” said Monty Williams, director of Sands. “But I’ve never dealt with this, so I’m grateful as I said, but I know this will hurt for a while.”

The team that joined the NBA together as an expansion club in 1968 had a great final and the last three games were all balanced until the fourth quarter.

Bucks was primarily a two-time MVP in the regular season, winning even higher in the finals and thanks to Antetokounmpo, who was unanimously named the NBA Finals MVP.

From powerful play on the court to humble thoughts in interviews and taking the time to find the kids to give high fives during the celebration after the victory on July 20th, these are all Was the star of the final match. And he did it all after missing the last two games of the Eastern Conference Finals with his left knee overstretched. At first, I was worried that I would be seriously injured at the end of the season.

Think about what people would have missed.

Khris Middleton scored 17 points on the Bucks and Bobby Portis was off the bench at 16. Jul Holiday helped the booker finally cool with 12 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds.

In 2013-14, Bucks won only 15 games when Antetokunpo was a rookie after the Greek forward was ranked 15th. Middleton had begun his second NBA season after Bucks won a second-round pick in a deal with Detroit that summer.

What started as a gradual time has speeded up in the last few years, and Bucks wondered if they were here for the last two seasons. They had the NBA’s best record in 2018-19, but took a 2-0 lead over Toronto at the Eastern Conference Finals.

They returned to record highs again last season, but did not regain momentum after the season was interrupted by a coronavirus pandemic in March. They were eliminated in the second round by Miami in the bubble.

Bucks exchanged for a holiday before this season and wasn’t very strong in the regular season, but he’s finally ready for the NBA Finals.

And Milwaukee was ready for now.

“I think it’s a credit to the players,” said Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer. “We have been pushing. We have been trying to be better. Players accept everything. They are amazingly instructive. They receive it, absorb it and take it. Make the most of it. “

Fans began filling streets and restaurants in the afternoon when it felt like a holiday in Milwaukee. Brewers has accelerated the start of their home game with Kansas City in the afternoon to accommodate Milwaukee fans. And Brewers starred Christian Yelich, who was part of the crowd within the Fiserv Forum.

The game ended in a 77 draw after three-quarters, but Antetokunpo scored 13 points in fourth so that Milwaukee didn’t have to return to Phoenix in Round 7 on Thursday.

Sands has returned to the postseason for the first time since 2010, but has no title and has never won more than two games in three NBA Finals appearances.

“With the exception of us, probably no one expected us to be where we are,” Paul said. “But that’s what it is. As I said in the team all year round, there is no moral victory.”

Hint in

Sands: Sands scored the fewest points when he scored 16 points in the first quarter of this postseason. … Deandre Ayton, who shot 67.6% in the postseason, scored 4 out of 12.

Bucks: Brook Lopez had 10 points and 8 rebounds. … Milwaukee’s only other NBA Finals appearance was the 1974 defeat.

Bucks’ 50-year wait ends with a title behind 50 from Giannis – News-Herald

Source link Bucks’ 50-year wait ends with a title behind 50 from Giannis – News-Herald

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