Budget Proposals May Boost Ohio’s Climate-Friendly Practices

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  • (Drausin Wulsin)
  • Pasture grazing cows are a climate-friendly method by circulating nutrients in the soil.

Columbus, Ohio — As a 10% contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture has had a profound impact on climate change.

Parliamentary legislation will help Ohio farmers and producers become part of the solution.

Drausin Wulsin, Manager of Grassroots Farm and Foods in Hillsboro, raises organic pasture livestock in a climate-friendly way. He said they turned about 300 acres of land into grazing pasture, which doubled the organic matter in the soil in about six years.

He added that the fight against the impact of climate change on his operations is a constant battle.

“A month ago, it rained 3.5 inches an hour, and I woke up in the morning and the cows were submerged in the water up to my knees,” says Wulsin. “And three years ago it was raining all winter. We are rethinking our activities as these flood episodes are becoming more and more frequent.”

The $ 3.5 trillion budget adjustment package drafted by Congress this week contains proposed funding to mitigate climate change.

Proponents of sustainable agriculture are calling for $ 30 billion to support conservation and climate-friendly agricultural programs that reduce greenhouse gases, and $ 5 billion for climate resilience research and programs.

Ursin also manages the Wetland Mitigation Bank in Pike County, where trees and wetlands are planted on retired farmlands.

He pointed out that between the work of the wetland project and grazing management, it offsets the pollution of about one car per acre.

“That is, there are about 600 acres, which means about 600 cars a year,” explains Wulsin. “Taking that little calculation and applying it to the entire corn belt would have a significant impact on the overall carbon sequestration problem.”

Sustainable agriculture is a difficult business, Ursin said, with tools and resources to help interested people reach their carbon reduction goals and maintain viable farming. Needs.

“It’s a capital-intensive business, but with support it can have a huge impact,” Wulsin argued. “And we need a wide range of people to enter this business with energy, spiritual strength, and back strength.”

Budget Proposals May Boost Ohio’s Climate-Friendly Practices

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