Buying Twitch Followers – Benefits and Best Practices

One of the fastest-growing gaming platforms in the world is Twitch which was launched in 2013. Initially, it did not meet with much success but began to grow exponentially after being acquired by e-commerce behemoth Amazon in 2014. So fast was its growth curve that by 2017 it had overtaken YouTube as the leading video gaming service in the world. Currently, Twitch has a market share of about 43% of the Internet-based gaming traffic in the world.

The most critical reason why buying Twitch followers and growing your channel can bring in substantial earnings is the massive scope and range of the platform. Consider these recent awe-inspiring statistics.

While in 2015 Twitch had 1million views per month, it had taken a quantum leap by 2020 with 3 million monthly broadcasts, 15 million daily active users, and 1.4 million concurrent users. New benchmarks were set in 2021 with 2.79 million concurrent viewers, 8.54 million monthly broadcasts, and 104,000 average concurrent channels.

If you have a high level of skillsets and gaming skills, there is no better platform than Twitch to monetize that passion. To earn amounts that you have only dreamt of before you have to expand your channel by buying Twitch followers and viewers. Ninja, a streamer in 2017 did precisely that and grew his channel with a million followers regularly earning seven figures around this time.

Best practices for buying Twitch followers

Twitch followers can be bought from specialized sites in this field. The problem is that while you will get numerous such sites offering followers at throwaway rates, not all of them are genuine and there is a great likelihood of being scammed if you are not careful. Hence, you should exercise great caution and thoroughly research the Internet for genuine sites before parting with your money for buying Twitch followers

Here are some dos and don’ts to follow before buying Twitch followers.

First, the points to be careful about and avoid – the don’ts.

Now coming to the sites to choose for buying Twitch followers, the dos.

Keep these points in mind when looking for sites for buying Twitch followers.

Benefits of buying Twitch followers

There are several benefits of buying Twitch followers, all focused on growing your channel and earning substantial sums of money. Expert streamers with a penchant for providing non-stop entertainment and having an enviable number of followers regularly earn a fortune. How does this happen?

All these methods of earning big are yours for the asking once you grow your channel by buying Twitch followers


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