Can I Slowly Add To A Solar System Over Time

When purchasing a solar system for your home, you may have had less power usage. Over time, your power needs may have increased. As a result, you now pay substantial amounts on your electric bill and you are wondering if you can add on your current solar system.

Yes, you can slowly add to a solar system over time. If your current system doesn’t satisfy your power needs or you would like an upgrade, adding to your solar system is the best solution. Additional panels will help to increase your system’s output and solve any power problems you are experiencing.

Besides increased power usage, you can add to your solar system if you want to change your battery. You can also do it if you can now afford a larger system and you have a higher need for solar power.

Factors To Consider When Adding To Your Current Solar System

Additional Power Output Required

Before you add to your current solar system, you need to establish its current power output. You also need to calculate how much extra power you need if the current output is insufficient. In this way, you can decide how many more solar panels you need for your home.

The best way to go about this calculation is with a solar installation expert. They can help you review your usage and advise on the best size of solar panels you need to have for your current and future needs.

Roof Space

If you have sufficient roof space for additional solar panels, you can easily add more to your system. Besides, the available roof space needs to be in direct sunlight. It will ensure that your new panels are efficient and help to enhance your current power output.

The available roof space will also determine the number of solar panels you can add.

Adding A Battery

When you want to add solar panels to your current system, you can consider adding a battery to your system.

If you are considering adding solar panels, you can also add a battery. The battery ensures that you can save any excess power produced from your system once you have additional panels.

You can have your installer advise you on the best battery for your new system. Also, consider getting your battery at the same time as your new panels. Carrying out the upgrade at once allows you to save money and time.

Why Are Solar System Owners Considering Adding To Their Solar Systems To Completely Eliminate Electric Bills

If you use electricity in the evenings and solar during the day, you likely think you can get off-grid with solar. Your current solar system is not robust enough to support your goals. Thus, all you need to do is add more capacity to your solar system to achieve them.

With your new solar system, you can continue to use it during the day as usual. If you add a battery, you can save excess output that you can now use at night. This ensures that you eliminate the electric bill from your household expenses.

Regular Blackouts

Additional solar panels on your system, save you from blackouts. With a superior capacity solar system, blackouts will no longer be a bother to you.

You will have a backup plan for when there is no power in your neighborhood for any reason. You will never have a night in your house with an advanced solar system.

Ending Government Restrictions And Incentives

As government incentives and restrictions end, participants who were previously restricted on additional panels are now free to add.

The government had instructed participants in solar incentive programs that could feed into the grid not to add on their systems. With the incentives in several regions now coming to an end, many who were restricted now want to enhance their solar systems.

To Add Batteries

Many homeowners seeking to add to their solar systems want to add batteries. Batteries cost as much as the solar system, making the full system purchase expensive. Thus, homeowners who have enjoyed the benefits of solar power now want to enhance this experience.

With a battery added to the system, you can store excess power produced from your solar system. The stored power can allow you to have more time to enjoy the use of solar at home instead of switching to electricity immediately when the sun sets.

Increase The Size Of Your Solar Power System

Most homes in Australia use about 20 to 24 kw/h of power. The solar system that can produce this amount of power efficiently is a 6.6kw/h solar system. You can add to your current solar system to get it to this size.

With this size of the solar system, you can comfortably use all your home appliances. If you add a battery to your system, you can use the appliances both day and night.

The size of the solar panels you use is essential in ensuring you have sufficient solar power for your household needs.

Disadvantages Of Adding To Your Solar System

Additional Expense

Solar systems are an investment for your home. Once you have it installed, you don’t expect to use any more money on it. Rather, you expect that it will help you save more money.

However, when it gets to a point that you need to add to it, you must make additional payments and purchases. You will have to buy more panels to get to the output you want. You may also have to buy a battery to upgrade your system for enhanced convenience.

Solar system batteries are expensive and will cost you more than your savings in power at the point of purchase.

Besides the equipment, you also have to pay the solar installation experts. Your new panels and battery need to be connected to the existing system expertly. Getting the experts to do this for you is an additional expense to your once-and-for-all investment in a solar system.

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