Canton’s director talks about the Kosher case.Lawyers Disagree with “Facts” | Local News

Jeff Talbert, director of the Canton City School District, released a video on June 9 about a soccer player allegedly being fed pork.

Head Coach Marcus Watley

Due to this incident, the school district unanimously voted Head coach Marcus Watley does not renew contract during special meeting on June 3rd.. The school district also voted not to renew the contract for the six assistant coaches.

“We understand that recent events are drawing attention to our school and our community,” Talbert said in a video. “As a district, we remain open and honest about our role in these events and our desire to maintain the safety and well-being priorities of all our students.”

According to Talbert, the coaching staff’s “troublesome behavior” attracted the attention of the district administration on May 24, and the investigation began the next day.Allegedly Watley and seven other coaches Feeding a 17-year-old soccer player to eat pepperoni pizzaDespite the fact that the student maintained Kosher as part of his Hebrew Israeli religion.

As part of the investigation, the district spoke with relevant coaches and players witnessed during the incident, Talbert said.

However, Peter Patakos, a lawyer at Watley, at Fairloan’s Peter Patakos law firm, challenged Tarbert’s statement.

“Talbert’s remarks are a pathetic and obvious attempt at damage control,” Patakos told Columbus Jewish News on June 11. He does not provide new facts. He accuses us of making false statements, but does not identify the single statement we made that he claims to be false. “



Pattakos said the district spoke with three players. Two of the three players talked to Patakos, making sure that the unnamed player wasn’t forced to eat anything and was told they were free to leave at any time.

“The district knew that,” Patakos said. “These young men told them so. Still, the district said that these young men were inconsistent with their accusations and they did not share with us, and they did not yet share. The public ended these coaches on the basis of these false accusations anyway, without revealing that they had. “

According to Talbert, surveillance footage from the room where the incident occurred engaged the coach in “a false attempt to instill discipline in student athletes, which constitutes inappropriate, insulting, and divisive behavior.” It shows that it is.

Patakos said he was still planning to persuade the district to bring back his coach. He told CJN that he would publish a complete explanation of everything he learned in the next few days.

“Our plan is to keep revealing the truth,” Patakos said. “And we continue to show how undefended this decision is and how flawed this investigation and process the district followed was exorbitant.”

Canton’s director talks about the Kosher case.Lawyers Disagree with “Facts” | Local News

Source link Canton’s director talks about the Kosher case.Lawyers Disagree with “Facts” | Local News

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