Careless flight leads to Lima women’s prison time

Without the careless breach of her community management sanctions by fleeing to Lima-Tennessee, Abbey Gale Weaver would probably have avoided prison time on suspicion of possession of drugs.

Instead, a 27-year-old Lima woman was sentenced to three years on Thursday by Judge Terry Cole Rieser of the Allen County Common Pres Court for two felony charges of worsening methamphetamine possession.

Weaver was charged in October 2019 with one case of drug trafficking and one case of worsening drug possession. Both are two felony crimes.

The trafficking indictment alleged that around August 14 of that year, Weaver sold or put up a large amount of methamphetamine in more than five times the bulk and less than 50 times the bulk. The alleged possession alleged that Weaver had the same amount of stimulant.

In April of this year, Weaver signed a plea bargain with the prosecutor and pleaded guilty to possession in exchange for the state’s dismissal of trafficking.

During those dates, Weaver (1) fled court jurisdiction and (2) gave birth to a baby.

According to court documents, Weaver was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Jody Gibson and was pulled by a deputy at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to stop traffic. During a vehicle consent investigation, a bag suspected of being methamphetamine was found on the passenger seat floor of the vehicle, and Weaver was arrested.

Gibson and William Ford, a passenger in the passenger seat, were also charged. Gibson was sentenced to 24 months in prison for worsening drug possession. Ford was sentenced to 12 months in each of the two counts of worsening drug possession.

Weaver’s lawyer, Jerry Pitts, called his client the “most irresponsible” of the three occupants of the vehicle, but lost a favorable price for the decision by escaping to Tennessee. I admitted.

Before making the decision, Weaver showed the judge a picture of her young daughter and said she had fled to Tennessee to escape the overwhelming number of friends and acquaintances of Lima who were taking drugs.

Lima’s 27-year-old Abbygale Weber was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday for worsening methamphetamine possession.

Careless flight leads to Lima women’s prison time

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