CEO, Speakers Worked Closely to Pass Contaminated Energy Bill

Cleveland — One is the CEO of a billionaire in a large public utility seeking 11 hours of help to save two nuclear power plants hanging like a millstone at the neck of the company’s earnings. I did.

The other was the former Speaker of the House, who was on the sidelines for more than a decade and was trying to fully restore his political power.

They shared similarities as well. Skilled in pleasing treatment and cajoling, both in size and personality, he dealt with people in the way when needed.

Today, prosecutors are involved in a $ 60 million bribe scheme that former FirstEnergy Corp. CEO Chuck Jones secretly funded to win a $ 1 billion legislative bailout at the factory. They share their tattered career and future concerns as they continue to investigate. Annual revenue guarantee for three Ohio utilities.

Former Speaker of the House Larry Householder, who drafted a bailout bill with FirstEnergy funding through Congress, is now a politician facing federal extortion.

Jones was fired in October with two senior vice presidents. The householder lost his speakership and later his house seat.

“This is probably the biggest bribe ever made to the people of Ohio, the money laundering program,” said then-US lawyer David Devillers when the plan was revealed last year. .. “This was a bribe and it was straightforward and simple. It was a quid proquare. It was paid.”

Prosecutors have accused householders of benefiting from the plan and used nearly $ 500,000 in secret FirstEnergy funds for their 2018 house re-election campaign, their Florida home, and legal fees.

The landlord seems to have easily accepted a bold plan in both size and range that worked almost perfectly until the FBI and federal prosecutors intervened.

The courtship between the two men seems to have begun in earnest in 2017, with householders returning to the house seats and accompanying FirstEnergy executives on a company plane for President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. Did.

The landlord was elected speaker in January 2019, thanks to a supporter who was elected the previous year using millions of dollars in hidden FirstEnergy dollars. Support for the campaign was focused on Dark Money groups that did not need to disclose donors.

Nuclear bailouts and revenue guarantees were approved by Congress in July and soon signed the law. Approximately $ 38 million of FirstEnergy funding was spent moving the referendum sought by opponents of the bill away from ballots.

Congress subsequently abolished the nuclear power plant portion of the law, but FirstEnergy agreed not to collect revenue guarantees in a settlement with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

The plan was further broken down last week when FirstEnergy’s successor to Jones signed a “fact statement” detailing the role of Jones and the head of household in trying to avoid being charged with federal conspiracy charges.

A fact statement signed by First Energy CEO and President Steven Strah was attached to an agreement requiring the company to pay a $ 230 million fine and follow a long list of provisions that exempt criminal liability if compliant. .. 3 years.

Charles “Chuck” Jones, then President and CEO of FirstEnergy Corp., will appear at its headquarters in Akron, Ohio in 2015. Six executives, including Jones, have been dismissed since the $ 60 million bribery case involving former Ohio Speaker Larry Householder and others.

CEO, Speakers Worked Closely to Pass Contaminated Energy Bill

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