Channel provided to LeBron James after Katie Nagiotte won the gold medal

Originally from Olmsted Falls, Katina Giotte channeled her inner LeBron James after winning a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Japan – Editor’s Note: The player video above is from the previous story.

After leading the Cavaliers to Cleveland’s major sports championship for the first time in 52 years, LeBron James shouted five words that will last forever in the city’s folklore.

“Cleveland, this is for you!” Akron natives shouted after the Cavaliers completed the 3-1 Series comeback through the Golden State Warriors At the 2016 NBA Final.

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More history was added to the phrase on Thursday.

After winning the gold medal in the women’s pole vault final at the Tokyo Olympics, Katina Giotte from Olmsted Falls decided to find one of NBC’s TV cameras. The 30-year-old then sent a message home, repeating James’ famous phrase five years ago.

“Cleveland, this is for you,” emotional Nagiotte said in a clip that has been viral since then on social media.

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Nagiotte’s victory was the result of a 4.9m jump early Thursday morning in Eastern Standard Time. A crowd of family and friends gathered at Fat Little Buddy’s Tavern in Olmsted Township to see the finals on Thursday. Her family told 3News that Nagiotte would meet and greet at 5 pm on Friday, August 13th.

The celebration of Nagiotte’s gold medal has received a lot of attention on social media, including the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians invited him to throw the opening ceremony in the progressive field when he returned from Japan.

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“Congratulations to Katie Nagiotte, a tribal fan from Cleveland who won the gold medal at the Women’s Pole Vault at #TokyoOlympics! 1st place medal,” posted the official Indian Twitter account. “Once you get home safely, let’s go to the opening ceremony. @ Ktnago13, what do you say?”

Channel provided to LeBron James after Katie Nagiotte won the gold medal

Source link Channel provided to LeBron James after Katie Nagiotte won the gold medal

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