Charting Ohio State’s path to a possible College Football Playoff berth

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — For the third year in a row, Ohio State will be on the sidelines during conference championship week, unable to dictate its playoff fate.

Instead of playing for a Big Ten title, the Buckeyes will be rooting for an upset on their way to the College Football Playoff.

They are one of four one-loss teams vying for a playoff spot. Oregon, Texas and Alabama also join them. among them, The Buckeyes are ranked second to the Ducks in the Associated Press/USA Today Coaches poll. However, they are ahead of the Longhorns and Crimson Tide.

On Tuesday night, the playoff committee could follow suit and put Ohio State among the first two teams eliminated from the playoffs in the rankings. The projected top four are Georgia, Michigan, Washington State, and Florida State, all undefeated teams. This weekend, they will join Oregon State, Texas and Alabama, respectively, in playing for a conference title.

Ohio State’s path to the playoffs takes shape last year This year’s path is much more complicated, thanks to USC losing the Pac-12 title. Here’s a breakdown of how the Buckeyes could make the playoffs.

Florida State loses ACC

The undefeated team with the most appearances during Saturday’s championship period is Florida State, which will likely rank last among the four undefeated teams.

The Seminoles will face Louisville in the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game on Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have spent most of the season behind quarterback Jordan Travis, but the star suffered a serious leg injury two weeks ago that ended his season.

Junior Tate Rodemaker will likely start against a Louisville team that is having its best season in 11 years. The Cardinals’ most impressive wins came against North Carolina State, Notre Dame and Miami, with Florida State fresh off a 24-15 win over Florida.

The committee never excludes undefeated teams from the playoffs, so a win for Florida State would clinch its first playoff berth since 2014. A big Louisville upset would open the door for one-loss teams, including Ohio State.

What about Texas?

The Buckeyes being ranked above the Texans could be an indication that the playoff committee will do the same. Even if that happens, the Longhorns could still advance to the semifinals.

Texas will enter Arlington, Texas for Saturday afternoon’s Big 12 Championship game against Oklahoma State. Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers transferred from Ohio State after the 2021 season and led the team to a near-perfect season, including a 34-24 road victory over Alabama.

An upset win over Oklahoma State would be ideal for the Buckeyes. If that happens, Texas will have no chance of making the playoffs. A victory for the Longhorns does not necessarily guarantee a first playoff berth, and the committee cited the fact that Ohio State lost to Michigan State compared to Texas, which lost to Oklahoma State. could be rated higher.

A team can win a conference title and make the playoffs, as Ohio State did in 2014 when it defeated Wisconsin 59-0 to win the Big Ten title. The same scenario could happen if Texas beats Oklahoma State.

Georgia wins SEC

Another one-loss team that has decided to advance to the playoffs with an outside shot is the University of Alabama. After losing to Texas early on, the Crimson Tide battled through the remainder of the regular season, setting up a showdown with top-ranked Georgia.

This will be the second time in three seasons that Georgia and Alabama will meet in Atlanta in the Southeastern Conference championship game. Georgia, the two-time defending national champion, has won 29 straight games, with its last loss coming in the 2021 SEC Championship to the Crimson Tide.

A Georgia win would make things simple for the playoff committee. The Bulldogs will earn the top seed, but Alabama will not advance and the Buckeyes will qualify.

If the Crimson Tide pulls off the upset, Alabama has a chance to clinch the SEC title, and Georgia remains with just one loss, making things incredibly complicated. Adding the Bama win to the Texas win would make it difficult for the committee to field the Crimson Tide without Texas, the team Alabama lost to. If Alabama wins the SEC, Texas (12-1) and Georgia (12-1) could advance to the playoffs.

All things considered, the worst-case scenario for the Buckeyes is that Alabama and Texas win.

who is rock?

One could argue that none of the eight teams in contention are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. The winner of the Pac-12 title game is likely to be Lock. Georgia appears to be able to qualify even with a loss, and Michigan could be in the same situation.

after that 30-24 win over Ohio State, the Wolverines will play Iowa in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday night in Indianapolis. Of all the conference title games, this is the most lopsided one, with Michigan expected to win in a landslide. The Wolverines will be back on the sideline after coach Jim Harbaugh is suspended, but Iowa State is notorious for having one of the weakest offenses in college football.

For many, it would be unexpected for Iowa to beat Michigan, but if the Hawkeyes become Big Ten champions, defeating the Wolverines could further strengthen the team’s lack of a strong schedule in the eyes of the committee. be.

Friday night’s Pac-12 Championship is essentially a do-or-die game between undefeated Washington and Oregon. If the Huskies win, they will go undefeated, and if the Ducks win, they can make up for their earlier loss to Washington.

Oregon State could qualify in part because it is likely to be ranked higher than Ohio State. Another challenge for OSU could be for the committee to consider a Washington team that has one loss against the Buckeyes.

If the Ducks have a chance, the most ideal scenario for the Buckeyes would be five teams winning: Washington, Oklahoma State, Georgia, Louisville, and Michigan. In that scenario, OSU would likely outscore his 12-1 Florida State team and qualify as his only one-loss team.

What if there was no upset?

If this weekend’s games go as planned and Georgia, Michigan and Florida State win, all three schools will join Pac-12 champions Washington State or Oregon for a spot.

Ohio State has been eliminated from the playoffs and looks set to play Louisville in the Orange Bowl.That game is scheduled for Dec. 30 at 4 p.m.

The final four-team College Football Playoff begins on January 1, with the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl hosting the semifinals. The national championship game will be held in Houston on January 8th.

After this season, the playoffs will be expanded to 12 teams, creating a complicated path for teams like Ohio State. In the new format, even with one loss, the Buckeyes can sit comfortably knowing they will be selected as an at-large team no matter who wins in the conference title game. Charting Ohio State’s path to a possible College Football Playoff berth

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