“Chicago Med”: Is Natalie overkill for her mother? further, [Spoiler] leave? (RECAP) | Entertainment

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 12, “Some Things Are Worth the Risk.”]

Like Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVittoSatisfied with her mother’s health, she found that Carol (Margaret Colin) needed more help than LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). And as her mother’s heart worsens, she is her ex-fiancé, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Running may be the solution.

After all, LVAD is supposed to support Carol until Carol’s cardiac function improves or the donor’s heart becomes available. Therefore, in the past, it was either LVAD or an investigational drug — and they do not know how the latter reacts with the former. “If mom understands the risks, is there still a way to bring her to trial?” Natalie asks Will.

Registration has been closed, but he asks the doctor who brought him to trial, Sabina Villani (Temina Sunny), and the person he currently shares a bed with to make an exception. She refuses to have evidence that the drug works, especially after revealing that he had unblinded the patient a few months ago. And when you think about it, she was telling him how impressed he was with his work in court.

Natalie should be returned from Will’s trial after the patient’s death, as the investigational drug came out and Carol refused to implant an AICD (automplantable cardioverter defibrillator) in the chest to help regulate the heart. I stole the medicine I had (in an unusual accident). (Everyone else gets a flashback George Clooney A study of painkillers that Doug Ross and he swiped the drug for Ricky ER Season 5? )

Elizabeth Sisson / NBC

“They came from another doctor. I showed him your chart,” Natalie says gives her mother the medicine to take. “He thought these would work for you. He said they were really beneficial to patients with heart failure.” Natalie, Will (his name remains in the bottle) Given that), and perhaps for Carol, we know this will end terribly.

Meanwhile, Sabina may not feel very good about Will’s work at trial, but he impresses others. He even receives an offer to make a clinical trial his full-time gig — and he will have to leave the ED! Will says that’s what he wants to seriously consider.Maybe … Chicago Med Have you lost another doctor? (We doubt it, but you never know.)

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“Chicago Med”: Is Natalie overkill for her mother? further, [Spoiler] leave? (RECAP) | Entertainment

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