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Welcome to Tuesday’s “Second Guess”.

This is dujour’s opinion.

  • NCAA’s Mid-Major Men’s Basketball Program is fed up with the transfer portal.

So they are fighting back.

The only way to use it freely. Instead of playing two or three “money games” against the famous schools of the Power Council, mid-career majors just say no. Who can blame them? With the current forwarding portal rules, which basically consist of “go here today, tomorrow”, mid-major is unreliable.

So they don’t schedule money games. It turned into a free trial and rating for mid-sized star players by a large school.

Nationally renowned sports writer John Rothstein recently wrote on Twitter: Uploaded via the transfer portal.

“The level of separation is higher than ever.”

Who can blame mid-career for being fed up with the assault? Playing a “money game” is simply not worth it. As a result, junior high school is retreating and colleges are forced to play on a much tighter schedule than they want.

See Marshall University’s 2021-22 schedule.

At the moment, there is only one “money game” at Indiana University, but Thundering Herd’s schedule still has room for two games.

“Our schedule is already tight enough,” said veteran head basketball coach Danny D’Antoni. “We played Light State at home and won the Horizon League last season. We play Akron. We played in Ohio and they won the NCAA tournament game last season. did.

“We play in Toledo and they are always one of the best teams at the MAC (Mid-American Conference). We have Northern Iowa at home and they usually win their league ( Missouri Valley Conference). And we have a ducaine at home.

“It’s hard enough.”

D’Antoni has some valid points.

Before the dawn of the transfer portal, Marshall was playing multiple “money games” like most mid-measures. During the 2019-20 season, the herd played at the University of Notre Dame (74-64 losses) and the University of Florida (73-67 losses).

Then, during the 2018-19 campaign, Marshall played at Maryland (104-67 losses), Texas A & M (92-68 losses), and the University of Virginia (100-64 losses).

But now, thanks to the transfer portal, the world of college basketball is changing.

And that’s not the fault of the mid-career.

  • It was only a matter of time.

When men’s high school men’s basketball coach TJ Brevins said he might take off Ric Flair’s robe during a Class A state championship parade, it was inevitable that the wrestling icon would reply.

And he recently did a video message.

“This is a cry to the men’s high school men’s basketball team. I won my first state championship in basketball. Holy cow. And you are from western Virginia. Holy cow. My favorite state. In Charleston. Probably more fun than Chicago.

“Congratulations, everyone. Tommy Vance contacted me and said you were the best. And TJ Blevins, you are a man! Holy cow, lots of success, everyone. How much effort do you have for it? I can’t imagine if I paid for it. Basketball is a tough sport-it’s very competitive. You should be very proud.

“Today, I’m going to say,’To be the best, you have to beat the best.'” And Nature Boy tells the men’s high school men’s basketball team that you are a team. You are a boy And you own West Virginia.

“Congratulations! Woo! Men’s High School, Men’s Basketball Team. From Nature Boy. Woo! Everyone, protect Stylin and Profilin. You know what I’m saying. You win the state championship, you I have all the girls. Woo! “

A message from the incomparable Ric Flair.

Now, there is something to remember.

Chuck Landon: Medium-sized hoops fighting back | Sports

Source link Chuck Landon: Medium-sized hoops fighting back | Sports

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