Cleveland Plain Dealer: Reorganize Opportunities to Make Correct Rejections

The Ohio Supreme Court made a correct call on Wednesday when junking the Gerrymandering General Assembly district proposed by the Republican-run Ohio Constituency Change Commission, despite a party sniper and a clear conflict of interest. gone. ..

But now that the State High Court has reaffirmed the will and language of the people in a 4 to 3 ruling, the Ohio Subdivision Commission has only 10 days to correct it and submit a new map, according to the decision. There is none.

Doing it right means that all seven members of the constituency change committee (five Republicans and two Democrats) map daily for 10 days before discussing them. It should mean carrying out the entire process of.

The need to quickly redraw the legislature map does not mean returning to the shadow of the Legislature, where the district killed on Wednesday was drawn.

To be successful, it should be immersed in the sunshine of all public scrutiny for 10 days.

The revised district must also be the work of the committee itself. You no longer have to map the back room of the legislature, bypassing what should be an open public process. Compromises are easiest and easiest when the legislators of both parties are obliged to speak and act in public.

What do I need to change on the map?

In a 4 to 3 decision, the High Court upheld not only the state constitution, but also the voices of those demanding the end of cartography of the partisan back room through the power of the referendum.

Instead of the Ohio House district, which gives the Republicans 61-68 out of 99 seats, the majority of the courts have determined that the constitutional district is likely to lead to 53-54 GOP seats (currently 64 seats). Compared to). Similar flaws were found in the rejected State Senate district.

The best way to fix a map quickly is to fix the process — by rejecting the narrow secrets that the unauthorized map was drawn on.

The evidence presented in the deposit that led to Wednesday’s ruling is that the court’s junk district is essentially two Lima Republicans, Speaker Matt Huffman and Speaker Bob Cupp, and two Huffman-dominated districts. A player who revealed that it was a private cooperation between Republican lawmakers.

The immediate challenge is to draw the boundaries of the new legislature within the next 10 days. The time is short. The Ohio Subdivision Commission needs to work without delay.

And this time, the Commission should do it right, with all seven members participating in the informative light of public meetings and public scrutiny to carry out their 10-day daily missions.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Reorganize Opportunities to Make Correct Rejections

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