Cleveland sees recent uptick in wrong-way crashes

CLEVELAND (WJW) — When it comes to car crashes, Ohio Department of Transportation Spokesperson Brent Kovacs has seen it all. His job is to study them, for the safety of all who travel on Ohio’s roadways.

“We want to take them seriously and do what we can to help prevent those types of crashes,” Kovacs said.

Suddenly, one type of car crash has become a huge issue for a local highway.

Last month, a car driving the wrong way on I-90 West collided with on-coming traffic. Four people were injured, including two children.

On Sunday morning, another person driving the wrong way on I-90 West crashed into on-coming traffic. This time, at least 6 people were hurt.

Overall, Fox 8 News has reported on at least six wrong-way crashes on I-90 since 2020.

Video obtained by a public records request shows what happened in this latest incident. Cleveland police are still investigating what happened that led to the crash.

Kovacs is eager to learn that information himself.

“This is such a recent crash that we have to get the crash report back and analyze what the contributing factors were,” Kovacs said.

If an adjustment is needed, Kovacs said they would be more than willing to do so.

“In the past, we have put extra signs up, little arrows up. Things like that,” he said.

For now, his advice to anyone who encounters this kind of driving is simple: “Call 9-1-1 is your first bet. We need to get that motorist stopped as soon as possible and law enforcement is the best bet to do that,” Kovacs said.

Cleveland Police are looking to speak to any witnesses of the crash.

Witnesses can contact the Cleveland Police Accident Investigation Unit at (216) 623-3363 or (216) 623-5295. Cleveland sees recent uptick in wrong-way crashes

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