Clippers throw one batter, rubber duck gather

Clippers (33-42): At the end of the suspended game, Triple A Columbus was a batter and left host Nashville 6-0 blank. Nashville hits came six times. Starter Kirk McCarty and relief Scott Moss, Jordan Stevens and Alex Young made a total of 10 strikeouts. Alex Cole and Oscar Gonzalez each hit the Clippers home runs.

Rubber Dax (48-28): Marcos Gonzalez drew the match with a two-run home run in the ninth inning. Brian Labastida defeated host Erie with Double A Akron in 10th place. -Four. Gonzales finished with 3 hits. 18 strikeouts by combining 7 pitches of Akron. The game had a total of 29 strikeouts and 11 walks.

Captain (42-36): Reinel Delgado hit a three-run home run as part of a four-run game, and High A Lake County defeated host Dayton 7-2. Josetena hit three hits, including two home runs, and recorded three home runs.

Hillcats (40-37): Andres Melendez and Alex Friplanes each hit a two-run home run, while Lo A Lynchburg beat Carolina 10-4. Jhonkensy Noel recorded three hits, including two Lanscore singles.

Clippers throw one batter, rubber duck gather

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