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If you plan to take the westbound I-475, it may take a little longer to plan your trip this weekend.

Ohio Transport Bureau (ODOT) leaders will close the highway between I-75 and US-23 from 8 pm Friday night to 6 am Monday morning.

ODOT spokesman Rebecca Dangero said, “We don’t have access to the west for the entire section. Obviously, if it’s part of your direction, you can go east.” Said.

This is all part of an effort to repair the elevated road that Semi struck in July. Although considered structurally sound for now, the ODOT leadership wants to fix the viaduct before it becomes a bigger issue.

“In the long run, we want the bridge to be maintained for as long as possible, so in the long run we wanted to have it repaired,” Dangero said.

An ODOT representative said on Tuesday that there was no safe way for workers to repair the bridge without blocking traffic and chose the weekend for repairs as it was the least disturbing time for commuters.

However, some large events require rerouting to enter the town.

“The Western Michigan-Toledo match is a good example. We are trying to communicate with both UT and WMU and take patrons to the game to avoid its westbound closure. “The Toledo Commissioner said. Transport Sean Burnett said.

Locally, city officials like Burnett expect more traffic on westward flowing roads like Dollar and Alexis as people try to find alternative routes, but overload. They said they weren’t worried about flooding.

“These roads are fairly sturdy and we don’t have to worry about overflows or large backups, but this will be a small inconvenience for people traveling in that direction,” Burnett said. ..

Closed I-475 this weekend | wtol.com

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