College football: Ohio State University maintains a successful plan

Columbus-Ohio tried to take a break last week, much like the weeks leading up to a big win over Akron, Rutgers and Maryland, Ryan Day said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday.

“I thought the preparations for the last two weeks leading up to By Week were great. What we did last week was to keep the practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the same as in the last two weeks,” Day said. rice field.

“We need to resume where we stopped a few weeks ago. The good news is that we now believe. They know what these next six weeks can bring. And I’m excited about what this week will bring.

“I think I’m in a much better place than at the beginning of the season. I took a short break. Now it’s going to be a big run. I’m still working. I need to bring it every week. What we can do is a cliché. You’ve heard it millions of times, but you only take one game at a time, “he said.

The 5th Ohio State University (5-1, 3-0 Big Ten) played for Indiana (2-4, 0-3 Big Ten) on Saturday night and was considered one of the biggest challenges in the pre-season schedule. It started.

A year ago, Ohio State University built a 35-7 lead over Hoosiers at the beginning of the third quarter, when IU quarterback Michael Penix Jr. threw 491 yards and five touchdowns. Had to maintain a 42-35 victory.

However, Penix and Indiana had a second ACL operation late last season and struggled after suffering from acromioclavicular joint dissection two weeks ago.

“I think this team (Indiana) is far better than their record,” Day said.

Some other thoughts from the day:

• Injury Report: He expects Haskell Garrett of Defensive Harness and Cam Brown of Cornerback to play.

Garrett suffered a lower limb injury to Maryland, and Brown has fought many injuries.

• Spend less time on defense: Day said he spends less time with OSU’s defense coach recently than in the days after losing to Oregon in the second week of the season.

“I check in regularly after the match and at certain times of the week to find out where we are and discuss game plans and what I’m seeing. But last week I got a bit Apart from that, we allowed them to work, “said Day.

• Ewers Not Ready: Not many major college football coaches are asked about 4-string quarterbacks, but Day was when freshman Quinn Ewers was asked if they were ready to play. ..

“He’s not ready yet. It’ll take a while. He’s doing a good job, but he has to learn how to become a college footballer. He grinds every day and how it’s done. I’m starting to get used to what it is, “said Day. “We will continue to work with him, but perhaps more will happen when we start next year’s bowl practice and winter and spring practice.”

Linebacker coach Al Washington and offensive line coach Greg Studrawa were heading to Mike following Day. Some thoughts from them:

• Overcoming Challenges: Washington acknowledged that OSU linebackers were one of the team’s biggest question early in the season.

“We still have a way to reach our standards, but I’m very proud of the progress in all the challenges,” he said.

One of those challenges was the loss of veteran linebackers K’Vaughan Pope and Dallas Gant. They entered the transfer portal after seeing the play time reduced. The Pope left the field during a match against The Birth of Akron and was fired from the team the next day.

“I only have love for those kids. I support them when they go out and do what they feel they need to do. What is our purpose? We put it together by focusing on something. We have to keep moving forward. That’s one of our ideas, “Washington said.

“I fully understand frustration. Both of those young men are good people and very good players. It’s hard to manage, but we keep moving forward,” he said. Said.

• Gaoteote Slow Start: USC transfer Palaie Gaoteote is a former linebacker five-star rookie who has only played two games and is credited with two tackles in the first half of the season.

“His story is that he came in the middle of the summer and didn’t really know what his future would be. As a result, he could be better served elsewhere. So I can’t assign the required number of people (repetitions). He has a bit of hiccups. I hope his role will continue to grow as the second half progresses. “

• Carrico’s “Progress”: Freshman Reid Carrico is one of the six scholarship linebackers on the OSU roster. He has played one game.

Washington was asked if he could play more time later in the season, saying, “Lead is progressing. It’s really hard to say. If the situation justifies it, he’s pushed into it. I think we have to. But now we are very happy with his progress and how he does business every day. I think he is heading in the right direction. “

• Talking Center: Studrawa said he was comfortable using either Harry Miller or Luke Wipeler as a starting point for The Birth of The Birth.

Last season’s starting guard, Miller, won a job at a vacant starting center about 10 days before the opening round in Minnesota, but due to medical problems he was in the first four games of the season. I was pushed aside. Wipler joined the lineup and played well.

Miller is trying to regain his health and return to aggressive line rotation, but Wipler seems to have secured the role of a starting center.

“It was a tournament about 10 days before the match against Minnesota, where I decided to be Harry. But I was happy with both of them. I was confident in both of them. Harry had more. I was experienced and probably a little confident, “said Studrawa.

It was a long way for Miller. “We have to get him to practice consistently. We have to bring him back to full health and have a consistent week of practice that he goes perfectly to. If he can practice and stay healthy, he will soon return to rotation, “Studrawa said.

College football: Ohio State University maintains a successful plan

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