College football: Ohio’s domination of Michigan dates back to the 2001 season

Where it started: Ann Arbor, Michigan. November 24, 2001.

Where it ends: No one knows.

Ohio State University has defeated its biggest rival, Michigan, in eight football games in the past. Going back further, The Birth has won 15 of the last 16 games against Wolverine and 17 of the last 19 games.

OSU’s unprecedented success against Michigan began with a 26-20 victory over Michigan on the last weekend of the 2001 football season.

It came after Michigan dominated the series from 1988 to 2000, when the Birth of the Birth was 2-10-1 against Wolverine during the John Cooper era.

Walk the path of memory to see how Ohio has transitioned from its lows to near-uninterrupted success over the last two decades.

2001: Ohio State University 26, Michigan 20

The Birth of the Eyes (6-4) entered the game without being ranked, and Michigan (8-2) was ranked 11th. The Ohio State University built and held up a 23-0 half-time lead. The turning point in the game that changed the direction of rivals was when Jonathan Wells defeated a 46-yard touchdown run on the 46-yard line in Michigan in the fourth and first quarters.

2002: Ohio 14, Michigan 9

This victory, which ended the journey to the BCS National Championship Game, looked like a return to the low-scoring Ohio State Michigan game of the 1970s. It was the sixth time in 2002 that the final national champion OSU won the match below touchdown.

2003: Michigan 35, Ohio 21

Had Ohio State University won, he would have returned to the BCS Championship Game and tried to repeat as a national champion. However, the defense of the 4th OSU, who abandoned more than 20 points only twice throughout the season, did not have a good day against the 5th Michigan.

2004: Ohio 37, Michigan 21

Ohio wasn’t ranked and Michigan was seventh, but OSU surprised Wolverine for the first time in four years. This was the first quarterback victory over Troy Smith and Michigan for the third time in a row. An 82-yard punt return for a touchdown by Troy Smith put Ohio State University under the control of the game.

2005: Ohio 26, Michigan 21

In an amazing rally, OSU returned from 9 points in the last 7 minutes. Troy Smith led the scoring drive at 67 and 88 yards, and the defense stopped Michigan to regain the ball.

2006: Ohio State University 42, Michigan 39

The death of Bo Schembechler the day before the match heightened the emotions and drama of First Ohio State University vs. Second Michigan. OSU actually looked like the number one team in the country that day, but 51 days later, it wasn’t at the National Championships between Florida and Urban Meyer.

2007: Ohio 14, Michigan 3

It was a game that Woody Hayes would have loved. Chris Wells ran 222 yards with 39 carries, and Ohio State University passed the ball only twice in the second half. Defense limited Michigan to a total of 91 yards.

2008: Ohio State University 42, Michigan 7

Ohio Stadium wasn’t particularly noisy, with only a few students on the field after the match. Two signs that Birth of the Birth fans were expected to beat Michigan. It was the first season of the short and unfortunate Rich Rodriguez era in Michigan.

2009: Ohio 21, Michigan 10

Like the other wins over the Rich Rodriguez team the previous year and the following year, this wasn’t a thriller.

2010: Ohio 37, Michigan 7

This was the last of 24 big ten games taught by Rich Rodriguez. Michigan won only six of them.

2011: Michigan 40, Ohio 34

The Birth of The Birth faced many problems, including the dismissal of Jim Tressel, the loss of fourth grader Terrelle Pryor, and the suspension of several players in some or all of the season. rice field. But if Braxton Miller’s pass to Dewi Sukarno, who runs freely on the sideline in two minutes of play, was five feet shorter, it was a touchdown and OSU could have won.

2012: Ohio 26, Michigan 21

Urban Meyer’s first season produced the 12-0 season. However, The Birth could not compete for the national title due to the NCAA’s post-season ban.

2013: Ohio 42, Michigan 41

The Ohio State University’s national championship hopes, shattered by Michigan State University in the Big Ten Championship game a week later, were questionable until the last moment when Tibis Powell’s two-point conversion interception maintained his victory.

2014: Ohio State University 42, Michigan 28

This game is well remembered in the third quarterback Cardel Jones, who had to replace the JT Barrett in the second half after Barrett broke his ankle. However, Jones (3 passes, 2 rushes) got a lot of help, including a 44-yard touchdown by Ezekiel Elliott and a fumbled recovery of the touchdown by Darron Lee.

2015: Ohio State University 42, Michigan 13

Ohio State University loses to Michigan State University 17-14 a week ago, and the defeat of Urban Meyer, described as a “tummy kick,” disappears hopes for the National Championship. There were many questions about how to react to. OSU won 6 out of the first 8 times they had the ball against what was supposed to be Big Ten’s best defense.

2016: Ohio 30, Michigan 27

Ohio State University was second in the College Football Playoffs ranking, and Michigan was third. Michigan led 27-24 overtime, with OSU aiming for it in 4th and 1st place instead of trying a field goal. JT Barrett’s quarterback sneak achieved that by a small margin, and Backeyes won with Curtis Samuel’s touchdown.

2017: Ohio 31, Michigan 20

Dwayne Haskins replaced JT Barrett, who was injured in the third quarter, with Michigan, who leads 20-13, and played the rest of the match.

2018: Ohio State University 62, Michigan 39

Both teams participated in the game with one defeat. While Michigan talked about revenge for past losses, Ohio State University shredded defenses into the game, which ranked first in overall defense and pass defense.

2019: Ohio 56, Michigan 27

Justin Fields went through 302 yards and four touchdowns, one of which was a spectacular throw to Garrett Wilson shortly after a trip to a bystander’s medical tent.

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College football: Ohio’s domination of Michigan dates back to the 2001 season

Source link College football: Ohio’s domination of Michigan dates back to the 2001 season

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