Community art project is born at Hilltop in Columbus

Columbus (WCMH) — Columbus-based artists want to send a powerful message to the youth of the city.

It’s all happening at Hilltop now and over the weekend.

Columbus-born Shelby Harris Roseboro, a co-villager, says the city needs a more positive message, especially for young people.

“I can’t let people say who you are. You have to write it. So we write it with some messages and creativity to create hope for young people. I try to write, “she explained.

One of the art statements along Wilson Road past Fisher focuses on inspiring and encouraging youth mentorship.

“See their potential, think about things, and apply creativity to their lives. I hope these murals will inspire our youth. They are here too. You can come and do this. “

Project director Lisa McCrimont says it is affiliated with the city.

“The city came forward and asked the artist to do this, so I was given all these retaining walls. Initially I talked over the bridge, but this has become the most realistic. “She said.

The goal is to spread positiveness and equality, especially after a year in the face of increasing pandemics and violence.

“They have their own hope,” she said of the people in the community. “But it’s great to shoot their arms, not just the downtown and television they go to every day.”

It is intended to scatter sparks for conversation.

“By providing black dreams, mental health, education and everything else, these murals represent the work that is happening now, and artists can be part of it,” Roseboro said. Stated.

The project continues until the weekend and the community is welcome.

Community art project is born at Hilltop in Columbus

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