Computer chip manufacturing plant planned in New Albany

According to Ben Peeper, a jersey township councilor, the project will take about 10 years.

New Albany, Ohio — According to Ben Peeper, a councilor of Jersey Township, New Albany is planning a computer chip manufacturing plant.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a global shortage of microchips.

Report on Cleveland.com Intel will be the company Factory construction An announcement is planned soon. When asked about the plan, an Intel spokesman told 10TV that it didn’t comment on the report.

The factory will be built on 3,190 acres of land on the border between Franklin and Licking counties to the west, Green Chapel Road to the north, Mink Street to the east, and Jug Street to the south, Peeper said.

At the New Albany City Council Meeting on January 4thA resolution was passed to give the city permission to conclude a contract with Jersey Township if it was necessary to annex the land of Jersey Township to New Albany.

All land from Jersey Township to New Albany, according to Peeper, will cost some money for the township as part of the annexation agreement.

Ohio Statehouse News Bureau The official announcement is scheduled for January 21st.

According to Peeper, the project should take about 10 years.

Columbus dispatch report According to sources close to the project, Intel will hire 3,000 people.

In an interview At the Washington Post in August, Intel CEP Paul Gelsinger says he is looking for suggestions from all over the country for large sites. “This is a project with capital of $ 100 billion and direct employment of 10,000 people over the next 10 years. From our experience, this 10,000 people will result in 100,000 jobs. So basically, We want to build a small city, “says Gelsinger. Said.

When asked for additional information, the City of New Albany said that the only information it had was about the land annexation agreement.

New Albany has Facebook and Google..

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Computer chip manufacturing plant planned in New Albany

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