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As far as I can remember, since the inception of COVID-19, a series of statements from the government and “experts” have been as follows: You don’t have to wear a mask and it’s not as serious as the flu. The virus is so small that it can invade everything except the N95 brand, but you need to wear a mask. Therefore, you need to wear two masks. The vaccine protects you from catching the virus, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you do not need to wear a mask if you are completely vaccinated. Even if you are completely vaccinated for the Delta variant, you still need to wear a mask. If you are fully vaccinated, you are unlikely to catch the delta variant, but wear a mask just in case. Children may or may not return to school, and when they do, young children may or may not be forced to wear a mask, although they may appear less susceptible to the virus.

Is it obvious? I didn’t think so.

The CDC is confusing every time it issues a new statement. The latest came from CDC director Rochelle Walensky last week. “Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wears a mask in a practical, highly contagious indoor public place,” he said.

It raises an obvious question: why are you vaccinated when you have to behave like an unvaccinated person?

Last Friday, Warrensky starred in Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier.” She told him that the federal government was “investigating” that all Americans were required to be vaccinated. Warrensky later “clarified” her statement on Twitter, stating that there was no national obligation. How can we be confident that the government and “experts” have made conflicting statements from the beginning of the pandemic? The response is that science is constantly changing. Science is changing for COVID-19, but it’s strange that it seems to be settling in climate change.

As the Wall Street Journal editorial called it, the latest “panic” and “Fiasco” stem from a small outbreak in Massachusetts. According to the CDC, only 274 vaccinated people were infected and only 5 were admitted to the hospital. No deaths have been reported. This is far from the flood of hospitals, with thousands of deaths per day just a few months ago. The low death toll may suggest that the virus, like the flu every winter, seems to be heading towards something that is probably manageable with annual vaccinations, like the flu. ..

You will not know it from the changing reaction of the Biden administration.

When I recently boarded a commercial airliner, I heard flight attendants announcing a list of new federal requirements, including mandatory masking throughout the trip, except when eating and drinking “actively.” Wear an oxygen mask. The emphasis is on never flying, heavy fines, and even penalties such as prisons. I couldn’t count the number of times the word “federation” was used. Prior to COVID-19, there was only one reference to the “federal government” related to the tampering or destruction of toilet smoke detectors.

In a recent WSJ column, Holman W. Jenkins Jr. warned that the CDC has contributed to “increasing the reputation of the government agencies we trust most.” He even states, “The New York Times Sunday Magazine recently headlined the account.’Covid Proved the CDC Is Broken.'”

We are in trouble when the credibility of the federal government declines, as in the TV rating of the Summer Olympics. It would be useful if different institutions and the president could speak in one credible voice. If this latest panic leads to the closure of another government, compliance can be much less than the previous one. In fact, most individuals and businesses will probably ignore it.

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COVID Panic, Round 2 | Cartomas-Morning Journal

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