Cowboys endorsed expanding Raiders slides at Thanksgiving

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t found an end zone in their last match and want to avoid turkey-like performances when playing against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving Day in Arlington, Texas.

The Raiders (5-5) had their own problems, and after making a strong start, they suffered three consecutive losses.

Dallas is a 7.5-point favorite in DraftKings, with 61% of bets and 75% of spreadline money supporting the Cowboys. Dallas is also predicted to have a 56% chance of winning by AI-led analytics firm Quarter4.

The Cowboys (7-3) had only 276 yards when they settled on three field goals on Sunday with a 19-9 road loss to Kansas City Chiefs. It wasn’t the type of performance you would expect from one of the league’s top offenses, but quarterback Dak Prescott said he wasn’t worried.

“I’m not worried about how this team will respond,” Prescott said. “As long as I’m part of this team and quarterback this attack, it’s how we respond.

“We are a resilient group. (Chiefs) and their atmosphere made the most of us. It’s part of the game. It will make us better.”

Despite its ugly appearance, Dallas still leads the NFL’s total number of attacks with 418.1 yards per game, ranking third in attack scores (29.3).

The Cowboys will also miss the prominent wide-out Amari Cooper (COVID-19) and CeeDee Lamb (concussion) for two consecutive games.

Cooper is reportedly unvaccinated, and Dallas owner Jerry Jones feels he can play at Thanksgiving if Cooper is vaccinated.

“He’s outstanding, and no one says he’s not outstanding,” Jones told a Dallas radio show. “But this is a classic case of how you can influence your team.

“After all, this is a” team, “not an” individual. ” You cannot win individually. “

The NFL Network reported that Ram was listed as suspicious after participating in limited practice, but is not expected to play.

The Cowboys have played two of the last three games against AFC West teams Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

This time another AFC West team shoots.

However, Las Vegas is struggling badly, outscoring 94-43 during the three-game slides.

“In football, it’s going to be ups and downs,” said Raiders defensive end Yannick Gakoue. He has the best 7.0 sack on the team. “Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to accomplish that as a team, as a team, for the past few weeks. But after all, you have to keep working. It’s part of the game. Adversity will come. It’s all about how you react. “

Las Vegas played the last two games at home, losing an average of 23 points to the Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals.

Interim Raiders coach Rich Visatch claims his team can turn things around.

“We have fought. The fight with me comes from the soul, which is the human heart,” said Visatcha. “I haven’t seen those issues on tape. We feel like we’ve done a good job of fighting …. I’m fighting, the will of our team, or the individual men who are there I haven’t seen the will. Problem.

“There is no problem with our efforts and competitiveness, but everyone accepts it.”

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is 68 yards away from becoming the fifth quarterback in NFL history, reaching 30,000 in the first eight seasons.

The car passed only 215 yards against Cincinnati. The tight-end Darren Waller went out for the second 100 yards of the season and had seven receptions at 116 yards.

DraftKings’ 51.5 point over / under is a fairly split action, with 52% bets and 51% money supporting the unders.

Linebacker Nick Kuviatokoski and cornerback Keithian Nixon participated in the practice this week due to an ankle injury, and Kuviatokoski officially excluded Wednessdia.

Dallas has won the last three meetings. Raiders’ latest victory in the series came in 2005.

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Cowboys endorsed expanding Raiders slides at Thanksgiving

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