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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Hacks Season 1, Episodes 9 and 10, “Interview” and “I Think She Will.”]

New from the renewal of Season 2 hack We delivered the last two episodes, which were weird. Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance (Jean smart) And writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder), Things came to my mind.

When Ava goes out for a job interview, her excursion leads to distrust between her and Deborah. After learning that her father had made the worst turn on the second stroke, Ava left on the night of Deborah’s final performance, leading to a crack. When Deborah visits Ava in Boston and holds a funeral for her father, things are repaired to some extent, but the women make up for it. But will it continue? Prior to make-up, Ava complained of her frustration in an email to the writer she interviewed. And the press led to some possibly damaging stories about Deborah. Wow.

Below, series creators Lucia Aniello, Jenstatsky, and Paul W. Downs (also played by Deborah and Ava’s manager Jimmy) talk about the season’s biggest protracted questions and suggest what’s next. I am.

It was a pretty cliffhanger ending with Ava’s email to the writer discovered by Jimmy. Do viewers need to expect an immediate blowback to her actions when the show returns?

Lucia Aniello: Beautiful question. You are not legally allowed to answer.

Genstatsuki: They cut the recording. When you start answering, the screen goes black.

Lucia: Whether it’s treated immediately or in the long run, I think it will ultimately serve as just a foil of their relationship moving forward.

Paul W. Downs: Okay. Let’s just say it will have an impact.

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The season left some issues unresolved, especially when it comes to the relationship between Deborah and her sister. She opened her heart to her ex-husband, so is there anything else to tell from this angle?

Jen: Not specifically, I think what you’re suggesting about both of these characters is that progress for people to change isn’t always a perfect straight line. What Ava does at that moment in the finale is returning her to her older, more impulsive way, and the same is true for Deborah. She has made some progress, but we are always really sincere in real life and want to keep the show at the root. People don’t always change before they go. I have changed. I will never address those issues again. Sure, Deborah has taken a step forward, but sometimes it’s not surprising that there is a setback.

Pole: Maybe two.

Lucia: Maybe two. Maybe three. But many steps you think are right.

Pole: But we would say she learns to move on.

Lucia: I can’t imagine this is the last we’ve seen [Deborah’s sister] Kathy (Linda Purl).

Hacks Season 1 Carl Clemmons-Hopkins

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Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins) challenges Ava’s job interview in these final episodes. Does it bring out a more novel aspect of him, or does it have a deeper meaning behind his actions?

Pole: He is a shark and steers. You see some of them as he fuels the wedge flame between Ava and Deborah. But for Marcus, we always wanted to introduce Deborah Vance, a character who prioritizes the work and support of this woman, sometimes over his personal life.He is starting to understand [he] It’s not necessarily Deborah’s priority, so the ground beneath him is also shaken. In short, Ava’s participation in the mix changes the dynamics of everyone … Therefore, the bet for Marcus is very personal and high.

Lucia: Yup. It’s a little more complicated than being jealous of Deborah’s love for Ava. He is forced to analyze himself. I don’t think he’s ready to do that, so he’s still fighting it with all the tools he has.

Jen: As you said, he’s not a pushover when it comes to what he does with tattering in episode 9. In fact, he built Deborah’s empire, branded her, and if you’re not very familiar with the way you do business, you can’t do that. So it was certainly not jealous, but as you said, the business insight and kind of novelty that allowed him to build this empire for Deborah is pervasive. ..

Hacks Season 1 Hannah Ein Binder

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Pole: I should add that it is not just jealousy. Marcus is Deborah’s greatest concern, [Deborah’s] Empire.

When I talked to you before the show premiered, I asked if Jimmy could get coffee from Keila (Meg Starter). When she booked a honeymoon suite in Las Vegas, he obviously got more than coffee. Did you plan it after shooting the first few episodes? The conversation between Jimmy and Keila is arguably the highlight of the series.

Pole: In fact, the honeymoon suite scene of the finale episode was written for her audition. So Meg Starter auditioned for the scene.

Lucia: All Caylus did.

Pole: Yes, all Caylus did. I had Meg Stalter in mind, but it’s also an HBO Max show, and I need to cast a wide net to see who’s there. But it was easy because she had an incredible amount of liquid fun. It hasn’t changed throughout the season. It was a plan from the beginning.

Jen: The only thing that changed while the scene was there from the beginning … Paul and Meg are both incredibly talented improvisers. So there is a pure moment in the scene where they depart. There is a 45 minute cut of the scene and I think people really like it. This is our release Snyder’s cut. It’s just–

Lucia: Jimmy-Keira Cut is released.

Pole: Yup. Jimmy-Keira Cut is released.

Lucia: If you can get the trend of #releasethejimmykaylacut, we will release the whole scene.

Hacks Season 1 Megstarter Paul Downs

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He didn’t reveal anything about Deborah’s controversial comedy set. Did she really bomb as she told Ava? Why did you choose to go in that direction?

Pole: Well, it feels like Deborah dropped a bomb. She is telling the truth. She bombed. You might see work going into the show in the future, but for us it was more about Deborah’s decision to do the show, do the hard work, than the content of the show itself. When you’re writing about comedy, and when you’re writing comedy, it’s sometimes great to see it … for us, it wasn’t the most interesting to see. For us, seeing this woman make that decision was more interesting than the content of the show. As you can see in the finale when she appeared in Boston, she almost runs a version of what it is: raw and vulnerable we feel we have replaced it for us Performance work. But you never know.In the future you may see [it]..

Speaking of Deborah’s visit to Boston, the funeral scene was perfect. What’s in the plan for such a moment? There was something very relevant about that.

Lucia: Well, we knew that we wanted the olive branch to grow from Deborah to Ava. Obviously, it’s a pretty big moment for her to be there and fly to Boston to attend the funeral … in terms of the actual speech and what she says, we know the purpose and way of having that scene. I wanted it to be felt by the funeral spectators and the spectators at home. I think it was a very special scene for us, for Jean and Hannah, and for everyone who was there.

Hacks Season 1 Hannah Inbinder Jean Smart

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Jen: It was a really special moment and shooting day. The scene is an olive branch, so I think we like it very much. But it’s also like a gift that Deborah has no one else. She can just get up and stand there and make people laugh. No one knows what to say. Sadness should be familiar to all of us now, but it is not. People don’t know what to say. It’s really hard. So it’s very special for Deborah to make people laugh and release that tension in order to give Ava and her mom and her family that gift, and Jean does it so beautifully.

Lucia: I don’t know if this is noteworthy, but it was actually on the show’s original pitch, the scene.

Pole: Yup. I didn’t know exactly what would happen. We knew Deborah would come to the funeral and she would make Ava’s mother laugh. He said on the pitch, “Deborah isn’t always kind, but she’s always funny.” So, at the moment they really need to laugh, she comes and does the kindest thing she can do.

This series follows the growing bond between Deborah and Ava. It looks like there is respect, but is there love too?

Pole: Well, I think love is noisy, difficult, challenging and painful. I think they love me very much. They love each other, but that’s —

Lucia: You are not always with the people you love.

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Creator who “hacks” the ending of the Cliffhanger and Deborah’s “kindness” toward Ava | Entertainment

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