CT Woman Steals $ 600,000 From Her Husband For Over 20 Years: Police

Police say she forged a check, had a secret bank account, had the power of a fake lawyer, and convinced him that he had Alzheimer’s disease.

East Haven, Connecticut-A woman in East Hartford has stolen about $ 600,000 from her husband for over 20 years, combining counterfeiting, counterfeit bank accounts, and a counterfeit power of attorney, and has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Is said to have convinced him. Police announced Thursday.

Donna Marino, 63, went to police on Wednesday after conducting a year-long investigation into her husband’s alleged fraud.

According to police, Marino’s husband contacted police in March 2020, accusing his wife of stealing his money until 1999.

Police said the couple were no longer living together. My husband is in his 70s.

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As a result of the investigation, Marino unknowingly forges her husband’s signature on pension checks, social security checks, worker compensation payments and other legal documents before depositing funds in a secret back account. Became clear.

Police said Marino believed that he had illegally obtained the power of attorney for her husband by having her notary friend sign a legal document without her husband’s presence. She then used that status to file a fraudulent tax return in her husband’s name.

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Marino’s husband told police in March 2019 that his wife’s actions caught his attention. He said he spent time considering his options before filing a formal complaint.

According to police, Marino said she was able to hide allegations of fraud for many years by persuading her husband that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. account.

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Marino also allegedly pawned some of her husband’s belongings, including jewelry and rare coins, without his knowledge.

She told police that mismanaged money was often used to help other families with rent, groceries, car payments, etc., without her husband’s knowledge.

Marino was charged with theft once and forgery three times. She was detained on a $ 25,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

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CT Woman Steals $ 600,000 From Her Husband For Over 20 Years: Police

Source link CT Woman Steals $ 600,000 From Her Husband For Over 20 Years: Police

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