Daeger wins match play-Lima News

Florida or fairways. That was the choice Kenadi Dager had to make.

She chose the fairway and her decision was rewarded when a recent Wayne Race High School graduate won the Lima Area Women’s Match Plate Tournament Championship Flight at the Shawnee Country Club on Sunday.

Deger heading to the University of Northwestern Ohio to play college golf defeated Debakiganesh, who led UNOH’s women’s golf team, scoring last season and won the championship flight one-on-one on Sunday.

“I was supposed to go (to Florida) with some friends, but I signed up for this tournament,” Dager said. “So I was just like coming out here, I’m already working on it. I’m glad it worked.”

Daeger has built a 6-hole 3-hole lead to play. But then it came closer. Much closer.

The reed fell into two holes. Then it was one. And she had to make a 3-foot putt for the 18th tricky green par to ensure victory.

“I got nervous. I just lost a few shots. For that last hole, I decided to swing myself and calm down a bit. Fortunately, it turned out.” Said Dager.

She hit an 8 iron within 6 feet of the 18th tee. But that wasn’t the end of it. Ganesh parped a par 3 hole and had to hit the shot to avoid the playoffs when Dager’s first putt rolled over the cup three feet. And she did.

Ganesh said: I told myself that the front nines were equal and the back nines needed to improve and catch up. Until the last hole, I was telling the caddy that there might be a playoff. I was like the last couple’s hole.

“I missed a putt a couple of times. They were a careless mistake, but it happens. It’s golf. You can’t win every time.”

Seven other golfers won the flight championship on Sunday.

Brenda Parlet defeated Deborah Hemart by 1 up to win his first flight. Jessica Whittaker was the winner of the second flight, beating Connie Shutt 6-4.

The third flight went to Dawn Warner, who beat Charlotte Schaub 5-3. Katie Burgbacher defeated Jennifer Mefferd 2-1 to win the fourth flight trophy, and Carrie Miller won the championship match on the fifth flight 5-3.

Carol Jackson defeated Becky Kominsk one-up in the 19th hole to win Senior One Flight, and Joan Whittaker beat Connie Mauf 6-5 in Senior Two Flight.

Kenadi Dager hit a tee shot at the Lima Area Women’s Tournament at the Shawnee Country Club on Sunday.

Debakiganesh chipped out of the bunker during Sunday’s Lima Area Women’s Tournament at Shawnee Country Club.

Wayne Trace graduates block Ganesha with back nine

Daeger wins match play-Lima News

Source link Daeger wins match play-Lima News

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