Dante Boccuzzi’s new Cleveland restaurant Goma is opening: First look

Cleveland, Ohio-After more than a year of planning, development and delays, Cleveland chef Dante Boccazzi’s latest restaurant, Goma, will open on July 1st.

The sushi concept continues on East Force Street in 2079, on the corner of Cleveland’s popular East Force Entertainment district, opposite the Flanneries Pub. The space was previously occupied by Zack Bruel’s restaurant Chinato. Closed in May 2019..

Boccazzi and his team are busy remodeling the space with dark voyage-themed decorations. There is a large bar in the center of the room, booths lined up on the outer wall, and seats lined with pot tables designed for shabu-shabu.

Downstairs, a Speakeasy-style cocktail lounge called Giappone is scheduled to open in July.

“We have completely relocated the space from its previous state,” says Boccuzzi. “I’m trying to capture an open space full of energy. Imagine it’s full. Imagine that the garage doors are open, energy is flowing out, and loud music is playing at certain times. If you do, it will be loud. “

Goma will add a series of restaurants under the “Dante Dining Group”. This includes Chef’s flagship Tremont Restaurant Dante, Ginkgo, Dante Inferno, Dante Next Door, Northside Speakeasy, Coda and DBA. Boccuzzi previously ran DC Pasta Co. in Strongsville, but closed quietly in 2020.

The chef is excited to be part of the East Forces district of Cleveland.

“I was always envious of this street,” Boccazzi said. “It’s only a matter of time and finding the right opportunity to come here. It makes sense because I’m growing as a company. This is a great location and definitely exciting. I feel like Cleveland has revived, especially since last year. It’s great to be part of it. “

Sesame adds a unique blend of sushi, shabu-shabu, noodle dishes and stir-fries to its neighborhood dishes. According to Boccuzzi, the menu is inspired by years of work and travel in Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo, as well as work at Italy’s iconic Japanese restaurant Nobu.

We have dozens of menus in groups of flash-cooked sashimi, special sushi, sushi rolls, and gankin sushi. You can also order tempura vegetables, seafood, wok fried rice, ramen, and udon bowl. The dessert menu includes tempura brownies, green tea creme brulee and black sesame ice cream sandwiches.

As the opening day approaches, Boccazzi is waiting for downtown energy to return.

“Life is definitely bouncing back. We’re just waiting for a complete explosion,” Boccuzzi said. “East 4th and everything in downtown is waiting to come back with events, games and concerts. The energy of the whole Cleveland.”

Despite Goma being his current focus, Boccazzi has other businesses already brewing-two new restaurants are scheduled to open in the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022.

The first is Indulge, a nightclub at Flats East Bank with a focus on pastries, ice cream and drinks. According to Boccazzi, the space has a rooftop party area overlooking the Kaiyahoga River. Boccuzzi aims to open Indulge in October.

Then, in the spring of 2022, he plans the concept of an Italian steakhouse going east of downtown Cleveland.

“We have a lot of projects underway and I had a really organized timeline, but due to COVID everything was set back, relocated and some were cancelled. “Bocazzi said. “We’re back on track. We’ll continue. My new motto is” do your best to catch up “because this is the year of the comeback. “

For more information on the Boccuzzi project, please visit: danteboccuzzi.com..

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Dante Boccuzzi’s new Cleveland restaurant Goma is opening: First look

Source link Dante Boccuzzi’s new Cleveland restaurant Goma is opening: First look

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