Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin paralyzed from “AGT: Extreme” stunts

Jonathan Goodwin of Daredevil suffered three burns, lost his kidneys and almost died during emergency surgery after the accident, his wife said.

Washington — Jonathan Goodwin, a former contestant in “American Talent: Extreme,” reveals that he is paralyzed. The stunts didn’t go well during the rehearsal of last year’s show.

Listening to his Instagram story, the 42-year-old brave demon revealed that he was suffering from a T-11 spinal cord injury that left him stuck from the waist down. Goodwin said the condition is likely to be permanent.

Goodwin also uploaded a photo Sitting in a wheelchair with his dog, he said he was happy to see his pet again on the “new cool wheels.”

“There have been a lot of changes in the last six months, but love is always there and I am very much loved,” he writes. “Look forward to the next chapter and become a role model.”

The accident almost killed Goodwin last October, crushing his legs and shoulder blades, damaging his irreparable kidneys and causing three burns. His fiance Amanda Abbington said in a recent episode of the “Out to Lunch” podcast.

According to TMZGoodwin was suspended 70 feet in the air with his feet while wearing a straight jacket, with two cars swaying back and forth next to him. He was reportedly supposed to release himself and safely fall on the mattress below.

TMZ also got the voice of 911 calls from the incident. In that voice, the caller said Goodwin wasn’t in time and the car “hit him.” Callers said Goodwin had fallen about 40 feet, lost an airbag, landed on his head, and had a pulse, so people on the scene were not doing CPR at the time of the call.

Abington also confirmed the extent of her husband’s paralysis on a podcast. “He’s paralyzed right now. He’s in a wheelchair. Unless there’s some kind of stem cell surgery or something Elon Musk designed with a small tip, he’ll be like that. Forever. ”

Goodwin was released from the hospital in February, four months after a life-threatening injury.

Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin paralyzed from “AGT: Extreme” stunts

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