David Arquette Announces Retirement from Wrestling | Entertainment

David Arquette has no plans to work on it again.

The 49-year-old actor switched to the sport in 2000 and became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. In 2018, he returned to the fight against Hollywood Championship Wrestling (CWFH), but now claims his days in the ring. He ended up being unable to deal with the injury anymore.

David told Mario Lopez in the podcast: I don’t know, it thinks all sorts of things have happened, and then just shuts down. it hurts! “

But a “screaming” star with daughter Coco (17) and ex-wife Courteney Cox, son Charlie (7 and 4 year old Gus), and spouse Christina McLaty play sports like him. Not all finished together Open to the idea of ​​Cameo’s position as another fighter’s manager.

“I’m not against going out once or something as a manager and taking some bumps, but it’s hard, it’s hard on the body.”

Meanwhile, David said earlier that he felt “lucky to be alive” after being hospitalized after a 2018 wrestling match.

He participated in a “deathmatch” with Nick Gage on November 16th, accidentally suffering a “horrible” cut on his neck and becoming infected.

He then said: “I’m lucky to be alive. If I had been severed in the jugular vein, I would probably not be here now.

“Sometimes they use those fluorescent lights, and I started seeing blood dripping cut off, and I panicked. I looked back too fast, and of a broken light bulb The end took me to my neck.

David was taken to the hospital and sewn the wound, but had to return the next day when he “woke up with tremors and swelling in his neck.”

He was said to have cut part of his neck muscle and admitted that the injury was “really scary.”

He said: “Doctors call it a box because it’s a very dangerous place to pierce. It was really scary.”

David Arquette Announces Retirement from Wrestling | Entertainment

Source link David Arquette Announces Retirement from Wrestling | Entertainment

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