David Trinko: Thank you for Thanksgiving Week

Thank you for the donuts on Friday.

Every Friday morning, on the way to take the kids to school, stop by a grocery store near your house to get your favorite kind of donut. A girl grabs Bavarian cream. The other two choose sticks that are not filled with icing and sprinkles. I got Bavarian cream from the deal. Everyone smiles a little, there is a fountain at their feet, and there is sugar in the bloodstream.

It’s Thanksgiving week, so I’ll mention this. Every year, people are dissatisfied with their obsession with shopping for their next vacation, which undermines the religious significance of Christmas and overemphasizes consumer culture.

Thanksgiving must be the time to evaluate our lives and appreciate what we have. Whether you want to admit it or not, we have a lot to thank.

I am grateful to be alive. Most of the people born so far aren’t alive now, but I’m alive. If you are reading this, so are you. I think there is some reason for that.

I know that my health can improve. Some of them are my fault, some of which are genetics by chance. Given the choice of alive or dead, I choose the one that is alive every time.

I am grateful to my family. My focus these days is on the people in my house. I am proud of my children and what they are trying to achieve at different stages of life. My wife not only tolerates me, but also receives the incredible grace of professing to love my eccentricity.

I am also happy with my extended family. Like other groups of people, there are Tiffs and Creeks, but I know they jump in to help me in a pinch. I would be happy to do the same for them.

Thank you for the chicken wings. No one has said that gratitude should be limited to big ones. If you’re happy with the turkey, potatoes and gravy one Thursday, you reserve the right to rejoice in the fried chicken portion with a delicious sauce.

I am happy to be able to call this area my hometown. I feel accepted by the community I live in. You can make a difference here. The compassion of others can surprise you. A woman I didn’t know recently brought a bag full of sewing patterns to my office and helped her deal with her problem of finding trousers long enough for her extension frame. For me.

I am grateful for high school sports. They provide me with an enjoyable experience and remind me of the importance of the people I work with to realize what they couldn’t accomplish on their own.

Above all, I am grateful to God for being able to do everything. At my worst moment he was there for me. At my most proud moment, he was there for me. And he’s always there, even when we’re grabbing a donut on our way to school. I can’t thank you any more.

David Trinko is the editor-in-chief of The Lima News.To reach him in 567-242-0467,on mail Or on Twitter @Lima_Trinko..

David Trinko: Thank you for Thanksgiving Week

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