Dedicated turkey trotter devours miles

Lima — Thursday morning was miserable. It rained steadily and mercury hovered around 40 degrees.

Still, there were dozens of so-called turkey trotters scattered throughout the landscape of Lotto Park in Lima.

Turkey Trot, usually held on Thanksgiving Day, is a niche event for hardcore runners. And you have to be pretty hardcore to turn out on a day like this.

The fifth annual Turkey Trot Challenge 5K race was scheduled for 10am, but an hour ago another group got together to make an informal, but more active outing. By the way, dubbing the Friends and Family Turkey Trot event, which anyone who wants to tag can attend, it seems that a group of 17 runners of all ages didn’t hesitate about the weather.

Lyn Mulcahy of Lima said she and some of the other runners had participated in various turkey trot events over the years. Their event began at Forot Park, but the group jogged at Woodlawn Cemetery. Some members of the family rested there.

“This isn’t a fundraiser, it’s just a gathering,” says Mulcahy. “A monument to loved ones.”

“It’s a great way to start your day,” said runner Stacey Cleaves, who said she intends to complete a 6.2-mile 10K run.

“The feeling at the end of the run is amazing,” she said.

On Thanksgiving morning, a group of enthusiastic runners gathered to take part in a 5km or 10km run in stable rain.

The turkey Trotter ran into Woodlawn Cemetery and passed the family’s grave.

Encouraging the elements did not seem to cause problems for these turkey trotters.

Stacey Cleves and her jogging buddies ran 6.2 miles in a wet and dire situation on Thursday morning as part of a loosely organized Friends and Family Turkey Trot event.

Dedicated turkey trotter devours miles

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