Delphis gun shop emphasizes safety

Delphis — Safety is a priority for Delphis’ relatively new gun shop.

GrayFox Defense is recently Delfoss 207 S. Main St. Opened in. Owner Jeff Jacomet says he has owned the building for about a year and did nothing until February last year.

“We are now preparing all the firearms, training, ammunition, etc., and that’s all we have to do,” says Jacomet.

GrayFox Defense is open Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays by appointment.

Jacomet’s daytime work has been with the Lima Police since 2004. He has been a law enforcement agency for 32 years and has been a firearms instructor since 1994.

“That’s what I’ve always done. I like to train civilians and have over 1,000 people get my hidden carry training, so I thought we’d expand.” Said Jacomet. “There are two other men training with me, Aaron McGomery and Aaron Road. They also train many women in self-defense and tactics.”

Jacomet recognizes that firearms can be a divisive topic.

“Everyone has an opinion on firearms. I think the majority think training is the main issue,” Jacomet said. “People are just not educated about their function, how they work. And when kids are playing video games these days, what happens when the trigger is pulled? I don’t think kids understand that. It’s not on the controller. It’s realistic and the effect is much more destructive than video games. “

The store itself has firearms and ammunition for sale. We also offer a hidden carry class.

They have a firearm simulator and a trailer that allows them to go to the scene for training for families and business groups.

“Our main goal is training,” said Jacomet. “We love going out and educating the general public about firearms, self-defense and personal protection. So many people want training, but often fear. I feel. We want to remove fear from the equation and allow people to learn at their own pace in a safe, pressure-free environment. “

Jeff Jacomet is 207 S. Main St from Delphos. I am the owner of the Gray Fox Defense in.

GrayFox Defense is currently open at 207 S. Main St in Delfoss.

Please contact Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Delphis gun shop emphasizes safety

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