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Democratic Special Committee on Wealth Inequality Controversies | Nation & World

(Center Square)-House Democratic Party’s new special committee on wealth inequality is controversial.

The special committee was established in January of this year, but its seats remained empty until this week. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Announced eight members this week to form a committee. This committee is formally called the Election Committee on Economic Disparity and Growth Fairness.

“Last decades have shown a catastrophic imbalance between the CEO and the economic wealth of workers, with catastrophic clarity,” Pelosi said. “The awe of those who accumulate profits from stagnant wages is slowing our economic growth and seriously damaging the lives and livelihoods of many Americans. This year, due to the coronavirus economic crisis, The trend of disturbing and dangerous economic inequality is also accelerating.

“The declining value of work has had a negative impact on consumer confidence, job creation and economic growth,” she added. “And the family situation no longer believes that children have a brighter future than they do serious damage to our society and demoralize.”

However, Pelosi provokes a backlash by adding Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, one of the more controversial members of Parliament, to the committee. She has a history of incendiary comments that have garnered widespread opposition from Republicans.

Congressman Ocasio Cortez has proposed a bill in line with these policies, including a large Green New Deal package that openly embraces democratic socialism and pays those who “do not want to work.”

Recently, she fired in the aftermath of the battle between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas for a comment her critics called anti-Semitism.

“What’s wrong?” Conservative writer and commentator David Harris Jr. wrote on Twitter.

Parliamentarians participate in a committee to address “intergenerational disparities and increasing labor force in the economy.”

“One of the interesting things we consider is probably revisiting some of the basic macroeconomic assumptions about the US economy and saying that inflation is for some reason or complete. I don’t think it should be taken for granted. Employment is not possible in the United States, “said Ocasio Cortez. “And I believe it is repeated in the White House with very promising claims and ambitious goals, trying to ensure that all Americans do a dignified job.”

Democratic leaders said the committee was modeled after the temporary National Economic Commission, which was established in 1938 to study the causes of the Great Depression.

This decision is also made after many of the wealthiest residents of the United States have issued tax returns by ProPublica and scrutinized the amount taxed by millionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

The Commission also comes when the Biden administration demands higher taxes and higher corporate tax rates on wealthy Americans.

Pelosi, without name, had strict rhetoric against the wealthiest Americans and called their high salary “immorality.”

“It’s clear that the gap between CEOs is widening. CEO compensation and worker wages are going from unfair to immoral,” said Pelosi. “Worker wage stagnation: a historical situation of fraud. Maybe about 40 years ago, looking at our economy, productivity went up, workers wages went up, CEO wages went up Within the last 40 years, as in 35 years, productivity has increased, wages have stagnated, and CEO salaries have begun to increase. I call it. What do their entry-level employees make in their lifetime, to the point where some CEOs make it in a matter of weeks? “

However, it remains to be seen whether the Commission will spur actual policy changes.

“So the problem defines the challenge, and let’s hear from those who are most influenced by it, most need it, and most concerned about the reduction in the luster of the American dream. It’s in our country. It has a very depressing effect, “Pelosi said. “Everyone has to think that they and their families have a better future than their parents, and when it’s dull, it’s not good for the country.”

Democratic Special Committee on Wealth Inequality Controversies | Nation & World

Source link Democratic Special Committee on Wealth Inequality Controversies | Nation & World

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