Developers see a big future in downtown Sharon

Randino took us to the top floor of an old Wilson furniture store in downtown Sharon.

Sharon, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Anyone familiar with downtown Sharon knows Wilson’s furniture and the building that later housed the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Now it has a new purpose thanks to the developer Jim Landino.

Randino guided Wilson’s top floor, pointing out the brick walls built in 1846 and the open space where chairs and sofas were once exhibited.

“This building turned out to be one of the best buildings we’ve touched on,” says Landino.

Landino’s JCL Development Company has purchased about 40 properties in and around downtown Sharon, 10 of which have been restored and used, similar to the old Willson building. Landino has a vision for downtown Sharon.

“We’re cluttered here and there. There are four or five very strategic blocks in action right now. If things go well and we can keep up the pace of change, in the next five years, this will be a walk. It starts to look like an easy and very efficient city to live in, “says Landino.

In fact, a 28-year-old graduate of Sharon High School, Brittany Music loves downtown and has opened an Evolve training gym on the ground floor. It is often said that I remember being in a building when it was Wilson’s building. But where the grand staircase used to be, there are now weights and benches.

“I thought about it when I moved to downtown, but I love the community here,” Music said. “I think it’s a place where people and businesses continue to grow with the entry. We think we’re the first to start it.”

And Landino put them in the middle of action.

“We really feel like this foot traffic. Putting everything in progress in the middle of the hub here is very important for the whole mission of what we are trying to do. “Randino said.

Landino will have an office on the second floor of Wilson’s old building and a luxury condominium on the third floor. He says there is demand for downtown living space and hopes it will be completed in 18 months from next year.

Developers see a big future in downtown Sharon

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